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Kickstart This: Spinferno for Ouya & Android

The ooh-ya? The oy-a? However you want to and attempt to pronounce it Ouya is a soon to be released console that, unlike all consoles currently on the market, actually wants you to hack it. This is a world away from what is expected of companies when it comes to console hacking- who could forget Sony’s enormous lawsuit against George Hotz who released modified firmware based on Sony’s formerly secret key, allowing enthusiasts to run home-brewed software on the console. The freedom that Ouya offers means that there is endless amounts of possibilities and Spinferno is just one of those possibilities.

Spinferno is a game that “give[s] everyone a safe, fun way to clear their frustrations. ” Whether “it was some jerk who cut you off on the way to work or a boss making you to work late again” Spinferno can help you release your inner rage all from the comfort of your chair.  It works as a cross between a pinball simulator and a ragdoll free fall game, while th object of the game is to keep that person that has so greatly angered you bouncing around and into the various traps and torture machines. What makes that bit more satisfying (or sadistic) is that you can customise a character to look like the unfortunate soul that  cut you off at the lights this morning.

Like every thing on Kickstarter, depending on how much you pledge depends on what kind of reward you recieve so for all that and more information on this, one of many imaginative soon-to-be Ouya games, check out their Kickstarter page.



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