Interview: Anthony Ingruber, Impressionist and Actor

Anthony Ingruber is a talented impressionist who also acts in films and TV. He’s done plenty of impressions that range from Leonardo DiCaprio to Daniel Day Lewis and continues to post up a vast range of awesome famous impressions. You can see him in The Name of God which is directed by Jakub Roman and he had a small part in the hugely successful Avatar. I recently got the pleasure of doing an email interview with him where he talks about when he started doing impressions, his love for them, what he’s up to in the acting world and who some of his influences are.

Anthony, you do a fantastic job at impressions. At what age did you begin doing them?

Thanks very much! I think I started doing the impressions at around the age of 14-15 when I moved back to Australia after 5 years in Cyprus. I was starting yet another high school and I found that people really enjoyed my doing these voices and facial contortions and I was able to easily make friends this way.

What made you love doing impressions?

I find the impressions are a way for me to pay homage to the actors that have really fuelled my passion for acting and are also just great fun to perform; there’s nothing I enjoy more than entertaining people with a rendition of my favorite actors.

You’ve done a pretty cool variety of impressions from Daniel Craig to Leonardo DiCaprio and Daniel Day Lewis…which impressions are you planning on spoiling us with soon?

I’m actually planning on composing a Kevin SpaceyAmerican Beauty” impressions video as well as reenactment of the opening scene from the new Max Payne videogame. I’m also considering filming a re-enactment of the final scene from Blade Runner with Harrison Ford and Rutger Hauer on my roof but that might be a tad dangerous…

What’s your favorite impressions to do?

It really just depends on who I’m performing for; I tend to ask my audience which their favorite actor is and then I launch straight into it. My own personal favorite would have to be Jack Nicholson as it’s such a great way to unwind after a stressful day and just let it rip with some of his trademark exclamations.

Tell us a little bit about the films you’ve been in.

When I was 17 I was extremely lucky to be offered an intern position at the award winning Weta Workshop in New Zealand from Richard Taylor. During my time there I managed to get a bit part in James Camerons’s Avatar and that was my first glimpse at the incredible craft that goes into filmmaking as well as the talent needed to make these films so successful.  I then auditioned and landed roles in 2 separate WW2 aviation films under Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson.  In 2010 I played a highschool footballing jock named Sean in Disney Channels “Avalon High“.

Do you have any upcoming films we should look out for? TV show roles? Voiceover roles? Tell us a little about In The Name of God.

I’m always hunting for new job opportunities as this business is incredibly brutal and can be very unforgiving.  In the upcoming month I’ll be starting production on The Agency; a TV comedy pilot that explores this desperate struggle that every actor goes through.  In the Name of God is a much more dramatic piece directed by Jakub Roman that is about the religious side of warfare and how it is sadly abused and manipulated to gain favor and support for a political cause.

If you weren’t an actor or impressionist, what’s something you’d consider being?

In my spare time between work, I really enjoy writing and illustrating my own graphic novels and short strips.  I’m currently holidaying in Holland with my family but I’m also working on Punch Cooper homage to the work of Will Eisner and his “Spirit” detective series.

What kind of films would you most like to star in, in the future?

Comedy is something that I’ve always really enjoyed and I laugh making an audience laugh but I think for my own sense of growth I’d love to perform in a very dark, gritty piece like There will be Blood.  I find films of this nature fascinating and have always had a great attraction to them.

Who’s your favorite director that you’d want to work with?

Unfortunately one of my favorite directors, Stanley Kubrick, passed on and so I’m saddened at the thought that I’ll never have the chance to work with him, but Ridley Scott has always been a favorite of mine too.  Blade Runner and Alien are still my 2 favorite sci-fi films ever made and I would jump through a ring of fire just to give him my resume!

Who are some of your influences? (actors and actresses).

Any of the actors I impersonate have had a profound effect on my work and the impressions are my way of acknowledging that. I have spent a large part of my childhood watching their work and trying to learn from the best; to pick out methods to utilize in my own acting style.

Is there an actor you really want to work with? Actress?

Male actors that I have impersonated have always been role models for me and I would love nothing more than to some day work alongside them.  There are many female actors that I greatly admire (as well as had childhood crushes on) such as Nicole Kidman, Sigourney Weaver and Winona Ryder.


You can find Anthony on his personal websiteYouTubeFacebook, IMDb, Officially Plugged In, and Twitter.


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