How You Can Help The Aurora Victims

Movie geeks are still reeling from the Aurora tragedy. When the safe haven of a movie theater is invaded by a murderous lunatic, it taints the entire movie going experience long after the event. One of our writers shared his personal story about the tragedy in his hometown, and we’re happy to shine a a light on a couple of great fundraising campaigns to help the victims and their families at this time.

The only comic book shop in Aurora, All C’s Collectibles is organizing a fundraising event along with Dark House Comics and Image Comics. Aub Driver, the PR representative for Dark Horse, released this statement about the event tentatively scheduled for late August:

[box_light]“I received a call from All C’s Collectibles in Aurora, CO [Monday]. They’re currently organizing a very large fundraiser for the families, survivors and victims of the Aurora shootings. They’re asking for support from all comics publishers, large and small.

It goes without saying that Dark Horse Comics will be showing full support for this fundraiser.

It’s very important to note that All C’s is the only comic book store in the city. This tragedy has rocked their community at large, as well as the rest of the nation. Some of their customers were present at the theater when tragedy struck, even one of their own employees. Showing your full support for the comic book shop and the comic arts medium is incredibly crucial during this dark time.

This is about community. This is about bringing the community of both Aurora and Comics together. This is about standing as one in the face of evil and knowing that one common factor, our love for comics, can unite us.”

Interested in helping out or contributing in any way? Reach out to All C’s Collectibles at (303) 751-6882 or by Email, You can also like their Facebook page or RSVP to their Facebook event.

You can see all the items that will be available for auction over on Nerd Bastards.

Another way you can help right now is to pay-what-you-like for a new Hans Zimmer track. He composed this 9-minute long piece specifically for the Aurora tragedy and all proceeds will be donated towards helping the victims.

Please share any other fundraising opportunities in the comments and we’ll update this post with all the latest information.

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