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EA Officially Announce BATTLEFIELD 4

Over the weekend it became apparent that if you pre ordered the new Medal of Honor: Warfighter on EA’s answer to steam Origin then you would have access to the Battlefield 4 beta. However as quickly as the news rose EA removed the listing, to then go onto to officially announce a Battlefield 4 beta. Frank Gibeau,  President of EA Labels, said:

Though Battlefield and Medal of Honor Warfighter  each offer players a completely unique experience, they are united by their underlying technology base – Frostbite. These are two of the hottest shooters, coming together to deliver a one-two punch of action, intensity and shooter entertainment

The beta will be able available in Autumn 2013 with more information coming soon according to EA. While a new Battlefield game may be welcomed by some it does seem that EA are adopting the “two year two games” strategy that Activision have used and abused with the Call of Duty franchise. It is also a strange move by EA to pair Battlefield 4 with MOH: Warfighter. Perhaps, given the relative failure of the latest Medal of Honor and the continuing success of Battlefield 3, they hope to boost the hype surrounding the former.

Source: IGN

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