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Coming in during the wake of Bridesmaids, the trailer for Bachelorette has arrived with the same hilarious, independent women feel. We are again in the crazy wedding world. Regan, played by veteran Kirsten Dunst, is shocked when Becky, a.k.a. Pig Face played by breakout comedian Rebel Wilson, gets engaged before her. Regan plays it cool, and along with her two other childhood single-clad friends (Lizzy Caplan, Isla Fisher), taking up their duties as bridesmaids and throwing Becky a fantastic bachelorette party, or so they think. The girls run into some exes, some strippers, some alcoholic beverages and recreational drugs, and of course a wedding dress disaster.

The film looks like a fun female friendship flick, and hopefully not a carbon copy of Bridesmaids. I just hope not every single funny scene will be released in the trailers. It’s nice to see Kirsten Dunst getting back in the game. Isla Fisher pops in and out of the trailer with funny one-liners. Maybe she picked up a few tricks from infamous comedian husband, Sasha Baron Cohen.

The film received some buzz at Sundance Film Festival this past January, which is always a good thing. It helps that Will Ferrell and Adam McKay produce, while being directed/written by relative newcomer Leslye Headland (writer on Terriers for all the TV fanatics). This flick also stars some adorable fellas: James Marden (27 Dresses), Kyle Bornheimer (She’s Out of My League), and Adam Scott (Friends with Kids, Parks and Recreation). Bachelorette will be released Sept. 7.

Check out the trailer below.

 Here’s the synopsis:

Kirsten Dunst, Isla Fisher and Lizzy Caplan star in this comedy about three dysfunctional friends who attempt to leave the past behind while serving as bridesmaids at the wedding of a girl they mocked mercilessly back in high school. As teenagers, Regan (Dunst), Gena (Caplan) and Katie (Fisher) used to call Becky (Rebel Wilson) Pig Face. A few years later, Becky is about to tie the knot, and calls on her taunting former classmates to join the wedding party. And though Regan is determined to give Becky a bachelorette bash she’ll never forget, tart-tongued Gena has already started partying hard well before the big night, and capricious Katie seems to have her head stuck in the clouds. Later, as the ladies cut loose and the booze begins to flow, a mishap with the wedding dress sends the entire event spiraling out of control, leading to a wild night of debauchery that neither the bride nor her bridesmaids will ever forget.

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