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Xbox 720 details leaked?

While the talk of next-generation consoles has been the subject of conversation for many since the lack of announcements at this year’s E3 there has been very little from the actual developers. However a 56 page document was recently leaked detailing some interesting features that could be appearing in Microsoft’s next-generation console. Following the leak the document in question has been taken down at the request of a law firm and Microsoft refuse to comment saying “We do not comment on rumors or speculation”.

The document hinted at plans for a Blu-Ray player, something that might draw some fans away from Sony, as well as plans for tablet integration. Tablet integration was something that is on Microsoft’s “Smart Glass” technology. Simiarly there is due to be a version II of the Kinect.

However perhaps the most exciting, and far fetching, news from this document is project “Fortaleza”. Fortaleza is some sort of headset or glasses that give a heads-up-display or virtual reality interface. Since Microsoft have not commented on the validity of the information we have no idea if it’s true but if it isn’t then why take it down so quickly?


Does this sound like something you are looking for in next-gen consoles? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Source: IGN


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