WILFRED: Season One Deleted Scene Sets the Tone of Show

If you haven’t gotten on the Wilfred bandwagon yet, well….what are you waiting for?  A boy and his dog story that rivals that of Snoopy and Charlie Brown,  FX has a true winner in Wilfred and the cast is phenomenal.  This clip that was released prior to Season Two’s debut tonight is a great way to introduce others to the pace and tone of the show.   In this scene from Wilfred, Season One, Elijah Wood‘s character, Ryan is called to the institute where his mother, Catherine (Mary Steenburgen) has been living for the past twenty years.   John Michael Higgins‘ character, Dr. Cahill shares that Ryan’s mother feels it’s time to come home….with him.  You can see the result below.

Wood really shines as the show’s underdog and main character, Ryan.  Though Jason Gann‘s character, Wilfred is absent from this scene, his presence is felt by those who are fans of the show.  Where Ryan is, so is Wilfred.  Mary Steenburgen as Catherine sheds some serious light on Ryan’s own issues and melts beautifully into her performance.  John Michael Higgins plays the cooky, odd doctor to a T.  We are invited in to the inner workings of Ryans relationship, or lack thereof with his mother shortly after this scene and into the next episodes.  It is an eye opening experience, not only for the viewer, but for Ryan as well.  This is one of the many factors that makes Wilfred so enjoyable.  We go along with Ryan on this journey to discover where he has come from, where he is and where he might be going.   And we do this while watching him smoke pot with his best friend, an Aussie in a cheap dog suit.

Watch regularly scheduled episodes of Season Two of Wilfred starting on FX Thursday, June 28 at 10PM E/P with a preview episode airing June 21 at 10:30 E/P.

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