TRUE BLOOD “Whatever I Am, You Made Me” Recap of Ep. 51

Episode 51 and counting… “Whatever I am, You Made Me”


My, my, my…my dearest Tara.  I’m so truly sorry for what Sookie and Lafayette have done to you.  But they were only trying to save your life.  After my beloved Tara escaped the confines of Sookie’s underground sleep cubby, she takes to the woods of Bon Temps and begins to feel the full effect of her new vampire powers.  She discovers her healing powers, her heightened sense of smell and an overall awareness of just about everything.  She stumbles upon an unsuspecting motorist in distress who is in need of some assistance.  After she bears her fangs, the lady driver begins to plead for her life.

After the opening credits, Tara has initiated the attack on the girl but sees her vamped up reflection in the windshield.  She decides to take back off, offer an apology and disappears in a flash.  Sookie and Lafayette are still cleaning up after the vampire hurricane that was Tara literally ran through her house.  They discuss how they have to try to find her and keep the events of the last two days under wraps.  Especially that of the demise of werewolf Debbie.

Bill and Eric wait upon a decision from the Authority headed by the Guardian upon their request to hunt down Russell Edgington.  He agrees to give them the chance and has each of them equipped from some state-of-the-art vampire staking technology.   A harness called the “iStake” which is controlled by the Authority by an app on an iPhone.  It’s to make sure the vampire keep their word and don’t try any funny business.   Rev. Newlin has been appointed the “new Nan Flanagan” and is tasked to provide damage control just in case the news of Edgington still being alive reaches the human public.

We are again provided with flashbacks of how Pam came to be a vampire.  Eric, after saving her from the would-be rapist, shows up at her brothel asking for specifically her.  She first refuses but asks for a assistance in ridding the individuals who have draining her madams.  We discover that it is actually a newly turned Bill and his maker who are the culprits.  After a mini-exchange between the two future buddies, Eric spares his life and makes them promise to reimburse Pam for her losses.  Then it’s time for Pam to repay Eric for his help…with her vagina.  After the two have a romp, Pam pleads with Eric to turn her but he refuses.  So she cuts herself giving him ultimatum of either watching her die or turning her.  He hesitantly chooses the latter.

Tara, very famished by this point, somehow finds Sam at his restaurant.  Horrified to discover that she has been turned into a vampire, he quickly takes her in and feeds her case after case of True Blood.  She downs every ounce and makes Sam promise not to tell Sookie and Lafayette where she is.  She eventually passes out from exhaustion and he stashed her in the walk-in freezer.  Eventually Sookie discovers this, by reading Sam’s mind, and informs Lafayette.

Andy Bellefluer stops by the diner and questions Sookie about the disappearance of Debbie who’s parents are desperately searching for her.  She of course lies and says she hasn’t seen her but runs into Alcide and Arlene just as Tara awakens and makes a very dramatic exit from the diner.  Sookie eventually reveals the whole truth to Alcide who becomes furious by her lying to him.  He storms off as well to her dismay.

Jason runs into a past conquest of his who turns out to have been his teacher in high school.  They eventually find themselves right back where they started, one inside of the other.  But afterwards Jason has a sort of epiphany and walks out.  He is later visited by Jessica after she chases a possible male fairy into the woods who disappears.  Yeah, weird and vague part of the episode.  She pays Jason a visit after and tries to sleep with him but he refuses saying he needs to stop thinking with his penis and try to do the right thing.  She sticks around and lends a friendly ear to speak to.

Hoyt pays a visit to Fang-tasia, eye liner and everything, hoping to do….I’m not exactly very sure on that one.  Later in the episode, both Bill and Eric have a romp with the Chancellor, who apparently slept with both to determine if the Guardian could trust them.  Her conclusion is that he can.  Tara, going insane with her new state, attempts suicide by tanning bed and we are left with the rising smoke from her skin as the episode goes black.  Until next week, go forth and do bad things…


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