Review Blood: Recap of TRUE BLOOD Ep. 49

First off, I’d like to apologize for my ultra-tardiness on this post. Traveling and the ever hated day job prevented me from getting this to you sooner. Either way, here it is, my attempt at a re-cap of Sunday’s season premiere of True Blood:

Turn! Turn! Turn!”  Episode 49 and counting…

Last season left us with Sookie ending Debbie’s life via shotgun after Debbie attempted to use the same weapon on Sookie but caught Tara with the bullet instead.  Lafayette tries to jump to the rescue but half of Tara’s head is lying on the kitchen floor. Meanwhile, I’m pleading, “Please don’t let Tara die, Please don’t let Tara die”.  I’m sorry but I love Rutina Wesley, she’s a hottie.

Just then Pam of all people shows up looking for Eric, who has just killed a major vampire player with the help of Bill, so he has his problems at the moment.  After some not-so-friendly banter, Lafayette and Sookie manage to convince the still bitter and heartbroken Pamela to try to turn Tara. Yes, turn her, into a vampire. She resistingly goes along with it and performs the whole ritual which ends with the two of them lying in the ground together overnight.

Lafayette and Sookie then return to his home to bury Jesus’ body but its no where to be found.  Lafayette attempts to say goodbye to his fallen lover in his own way, which obviously isn’t easy, while him and Sookie are waiting to see results of their deal with Pam.

Bill and Eric find themselves captured and thrown in the trunk of car by the vampire authority after their little stunt.  They manage a very explosive escape only to discover that Eric’s “sister”, Nora, had planned to spring them all along. Very strange to see a brother and sister embrace and kiss like that. But in the vampire world, I suppose anything is game.

Sam finds himself on the run from Marcus’ wolf pack after Alcide killed the evil pack leader.  Martha, Marcus’ mother, orders Sam with taking her to her son’s body or she’ll have her pack harm Luna.  Since Luna doesn’t want Sam to die, she retrieves Alcide who admits to the pack that is was actually he who ended Marcus’ life.  Strangely, very strangely, Martha shifts into her wolf form and begins devouring her son’s lifeless body.  Weird level on over drive right about now.

Jason gets a visit from an old friend, the anti-vampire Jesus freak from a couple of seasons ago, who is now ironically a vampire himself.  He glamours Jason into inviting him into his home and declares his love for Sookie’s brother.  More weirdness.  Jessica shows up and saves Jason from this near supernatural homosexual encounter and they, well uh, get it on.  Meanwhile, there is still no love lost on Lloyd’s behalf from what his ex-best friend did to the only girl he ever loved.

Andy and Holly get caught with more than their pants down by her sons after a steamy night of sex and awkwardness begins.  He also finds himself possibly being corrupted by the town’s Mayor. More to come on that note, I’m sure.

Terry and Arlene have invited Patrick, Terry’s buddy from the military, to stay with them for a little bit when he begins questioning Terry about some strange fires that have claimed the lives of a couple of their fellow soldiers.  He thinks it might be connected to something they did in their past.  Terry wants nothing to do with it of course.

Alcide, after discovering the resurrection of  Russell Edginton, warns Sookie and invites her to come live with  him in order to keep her safe but she refuses due to the fact the she blew his ex-girlfriend’s face clean off with that shotgun.  After Lafayette gets in his face, he decides to let her be.


The episode ends with Eric, Bill and Nora eventually being caught by the vampire authority and a very vampire Tara rising from her grave.  Until week True Heads, go forth and do bad things…


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