THE HOBBIT Production Video Blog #7

If you have been following The Hobbit blog site, then you have surely seen the awesome behind-the-scenes blogs Peter Jackson & co. have been posting throughout the film’s production. Jackson updated his Facebook fanpage earlier today asking if we would like to see another video blog from set and of course the outcry was ridiculously high. I have loved watching these behind-the-scenes video blogs very much. Being a filmmaker myself, I love to see every intricate detail on how the filmmaker exactly made his/her film. I’m also a junkie for the special features on my blu-rays and DVDs so I’m really hoping we aren’t just watching those from the future blu-ray/DVD release of The Hobbit. I am am hoping for much more in depth documentary style of special features on this two part film but we shall see when the time comes.

In this most recent video blog, Peter Jackson takes us around set and introduces us to a lot of role players in the films’ production such as script revision creators and a person that can get you the weirdest stuff around. This 14-minute video blog is just one more tease leading up to The Hobbit‘s December 14, 2012 theatrical release date. We also learn that there will be only one more video blog when the shooting is finally wrapped making it an even 8 total video blogs from The Hobbit.

Updated to include the video here: 


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