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E3 2012: Sony Press Conference

After a strong focus on the Move and 3D game play last year, Sony this year focuses more on the sheer game play aspects. The stage itself is impressive with thirteen screens and being over five stories high. The screens went black and the audience was treated with some nice dubstep paired with game play footage from various games new and old. The presidential suck up occurs right off the bat, but this is expected at this point in the day. We get a lot of talk about how the gamers are the heroes of the industry.

Our first announcement was from Heavy Rain‘s creators Project Dream, Beyond was revealed with the sub title Two Souls. The game takes place over a fifteen year period following the life of the protagonist Jody (played by Ellen Page). The game footage shown looked phenomenal, the 3D modelling is over the top. The game will also play out much the same interactive story style of Heavy Rain. The shows off some small game elements, such as brief shot of telepathic powers and other supernatural aspects. The second half of the trailer showcases explosions, SWAT, and motorcycle driving making the game look much faster pace.

Playstation All-Stars Battle Royal is lend into from the talk of the ‘Micheal’ commercial that went viral last year. The game is announced for the Vita coupled with cross-platform connectivity. The game plays much like Super Smash Bros. but characters earn super attacks to get their K.O.s. We see examples of all three levels of super moves, along with a cross over level featuring God of War and Ratchet and Clank characters. Nathan Drake and Mr. Bubbles have also been revealed as playable characters for the game.

Playstation Network talk segwayed into talk about the new features of Playstation Plus. Many A-tier titles are set to hit the network to improve the overall subscription rate, as well as the audience was gifted with one year free of the service. PSone classics were announced for the Vita, Final Fantasy and Tomb Raider are shown as examples. With all these reveals the Playstation Network seems like it has really found its groove in the market.

Call of Duty: Black ops Declassified and other Vita titles were revealed. Assassin’s Creed 3 gameplay footage was shown off, along with a new female lead for the game. The game promises the same open world as the console version, unlike previous ports. The game will be paired with a new crystal white Vita which was also revealed. Ubisoft members also came out to show off some of the naval aspects Assassin’s Creed 3 has to offer. A game bundle is announced for the game and an accompany PS3. Ubisoft continued with the announcement of a four player Far Cry 3 mode. The game is demoed live on stage, they attempted to make the game something more complicated than it was but overall it did look impressive.

As expected there was plenty of talk about the PSMove. Wonderbook is revealed as book controlled that is mean to encourage children to read by using visual stimulation. Diggs Nightcrawler is the first title to be revealed but no additional information was provided. J.K Rowling is announced to have a book for the app, called Book of Spells. Which pairs with the recent launch of Pottormore, and will be the first title released. A tech demo is shown with the move controlled, the game worked well and should be a great gift for young gamers.

God of War Ascension game play finally got shown, with plenty of goat-people being beaten into submission. A new power was shown in which Kratos is able to reverse and freeze time for short moments, we see this used in both combat and puzzle solving. The game is set to launch March 13th 2013.

As many expected Last of Us was showcased, with game play and tech talk. The environment looked great, and we were finally shown some interactivity between the father figure and the daughter. Combat and stealth elements are shown, as long as hand to hand combat as well as gun play. The game looks brutal with tons of blood and painful executions performed by the player.

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