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For a show about England’s greatest sleuth, the Sherlock: Series Two soundtrack is only slightly more than “elementary.”

Composed by David Arnold and Michael Price, the score is a strange mix of Hans Zimmer-esque grandiosity and complex rhythmic explosions that lend a moody and scenic backdrop to the mysteries cracked by Holmes and his beloved Watson, played respectively by Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman.

At times, the themes display qualities fitting that of an Oscar-nominated film. In nearly seconds later, the same theme ends up sonically paying homage to a mind-numbing, action-adventure popcorn feature, which makes the tracking and orchestration seem confoundingly out of place.

Melodramatic and heavy-handed, tracks like “Pursued by a Hound,” “Smoke Alarm” and “The Village” are more reminiscent of the ghastly Mummy trilogy than they are a hit mystery program. If the entire album played in a similar manner, the experience would be much less taxing. However, there are moments where sections of songs absolutely soar above the tracks they exist in.

And while confusion is a must in any good suspense novel, it can be devastating to listeners trying to reconcile what it is about the music that keeps their heads spinning in different directions.

By no means is the music lackluster; it is exceptionally well-performed and executed. It just isn’t that imaginative.

Yet with Holmes dashing and daring his way through his next caper, the tunes do what they were intended to do — keeping your attention on the drama unfolding as opposed to becoming distracted by a bombastic backing feature.

For the casual patron looking for a score with ingenuity and grace, this album is simply not for you. On the other hand, it is perfect for fans of the show seeking to purchase more Sherlock swag. With a play cycle of only 23 minutes, there isn’t much more you can ask for than another piece of memorabilia.


1. Irene’s Theme
2. Potential Clients
3. Status Symbols
4. The Woman
5. Dark Times
6. Smoke Alarm
7. SHERlocked
8. Pursued By A Hound
9. The Village
10. Double Room
11. Deeper Into Baskerville
12. To Dartmoor
13. The Lab
14. Mind Palace And Solution
15. Grimm Fairy Tales
16. Deduction And Deception
17. Prepared To Do Anything
18. Blood On The Pavement
19. One More Miracle

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