Season Three of LOUIE Gets a Teaser Trailer, Release Date and Weekly Recaps

Though Louis C.K.’s journey through the world of stand-up comedy has been a long and strange one, he has finally struck creative, critical, and commercial gold with FX’s LOUIE, which premieres its third season on Thursday, June 28 at 10:30 p.m.

Cliche as it may sound, Louie is unlike any comedy on TV in more ways than one. The odd style and pacing of the series has little-to-no continuity and is presented as a series of vignettes split up by C.K.’s stand-up performances, a style that perfectly encapsulates his honest, reflective, and soul-baring type of comedy.

The other aspect of the show that makes it so unique is C.K’s complete creative control over the series — acting as not only the star and creator but the chief writer, director, and editor, in a setup other comedians seek out and refer to as “The Louie Deal.”

Below is the trailer for the upcoming season, which is very appropriately Louie , portraying the beautiful Manhattan landscape accompanied with classical music and text of its critical-acclaim, only to present our hero in meaningless and forgettable fashion.

I’ll be your guide through what hopes to be another outstanding, funny, heartbreaking, strange season with weekly recaps starting later this month. Until then, go catch up! Season 1 is available on Netflix Instant.

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