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Review Blood: Recap of TRUE BLOOD Ep. 50

“Authority Always Wins” Episode 50 and counting…


Our 50th episode (that’s got to be a milestone right?) begins with Sookie & Lafayette trying to fend off a newly turned Tara while Pam stands by and laughs at the two of them struggling with their undead friend.  The “new” Tara proves to be quite the handful zipping all around the place with her vampire speed, pretty much destroying Sookie’s house.  I don’t know how many times that house has been totaled but I sure hope it has some wonderful insurance.  After some time, Sookie and Lafayette manage to get her into the sleeping cubby beneath the house so she won’t be toasted to death by the rising morning sun.  During this “down” time, my beautiful Tara is nearly staked by her cousin after he regrets having her turned into the one thing she hated most in the world.  He is stopped by Sookie just before the tip of the wooden stick meets her heart.

Eric, Bill and Nora find themselves captured by the vampire authority and held as prisoners.  Bill and Eric are tortured with a very sophisticated device that injects liquid silver directly into their veins through an IV to try to get them to confess about the “murder” of Nan Flanagan last season.  Ultimately neither of them crack despite how much pain they both looked to be in.  Sometimes I guess it sucks to be a vampire.  No pun intended, truthfully.

After Pam leaves Sookie and Lafayette to deal with Tara, she returns to Fangtasia where she is saddened to hear that there’s still no word from her maker, Eric.  This prompts a vey nostalgic flashback telling the beginning story of how she first met the Viking vampire.  Meanwhile, elsewhere Sam and Luna are let go while Marcus’ pack devours his dead body in front of them.  Alcide receives some stern criticism from the pack and Marcus’ mother about following the werewolf rules and taking over as pack leader.  He of course refuses and calmly walks away.

Luna receives a visit from Emma’s grandmother pleading to be allowed to see her.  This request is quickly and abruptly dismissed with a few kind curse words.  This heated exchange trickles into an argument between Luna and Sam which ends with her kicking old Sammy out of her house.

Jason and Andy discover the truck of the late Debbie where Andy contemplates stealing a vile of vampire blood he found in the vehicle but eventually hands it over to his deputy.  Arlene finds that Terry is going through some strange instances and attempts to remedy the problem by confronting his military buddy, Patrick.  Some more light on what happened to the two of them and their squad during their military days.

Jessica is made a very lucrative offer by Steve Newland for the right to call Jason his own.  After teasing him by pretending to entertain his offer, she makes it very clear that Jason is her friend and she would never sell him to anyone.  Speaking of Jason, he once again tries to make amends with Hoyt, who is once again living with his controlling mother.  This attempt goes south rather quickly.  I personally think he should just give up on that pipe dream.  You boned his girl dude.

The biggest and most important segment of the episode comes when Bill and Eric find themselves at the mercy of the head of the Authority, the Guardian aka Detective Stabler.  He makes it known that they should both suffer the true death for their crimes against Nan Flanagan. But Bill makes the Guardian an offer; to recover the escaped Russell Edginton in exchange for both of their lives.  That is where we are left my friends, with Guardian debating over whether to allow the vampire duo to try to apprehend the former King of Louisiana or to deliver the true death.

Until next week, go forth and do bad things.


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