Relive the Magic: Harry, Ron and Hermione battle the troll in SORCERER’S STONE

It’s that time of the week! Time to Relive Harry Potter! This week we go back to where their friendship began. The moment Harry, Ron and Hermione became bestfriends. In Sorcerer’s Stone, Professor Quirrell came running into the Great Hall yelling, “TROLL IN THE DUNGEON!” and that causes panic and craziness as the students begin to fathom the scary thing Professor Quirrell just said. The prefects begin to take their students back to their common rooms, but as they do so Harry and Ron remember that Hermione was in the bathroom crying so they race to the bathroom to get Hermione before the troll finds her. They lead the troll to an open door and when it goes through, Harry and Ron follow and lock it in. Then they realize they locked it in the bathroom with Hermione. They run in and begin to distract the troll as much as they can by throwing things at it. Ron uses the spell Wingardium Leviosa to make the troll’s club levitate and smack the troll in the head, and that’s when the professor come running in. Hermione then lies, and says everything is her fault and when they get back to the common room that’s when they truly become the best friends that we come to know and love throughout the rest of the films and novels.

Here’s the video starting from Hermione seeing the troll for the first time:


This was a pretty awesome moment. This moment made me wonder if my friends would try everything in their power to save me, whether from a ugly troll or a real world threat. This was such a pivotal moment in the entire Harry Potter series.

Is this on your list of favorite HP scenes? What are some of your favorites? Sound off in the comments section below and you might see your favorite next week!




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