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JUSTICE LEAGUE Screenwriter’s Identity Revealed

All of the recent Avengers hullabaloo has, undoubtedly, rekindled Warner Bros.’ Justice League flame because earlier this week they revealed that Will Beall is currently working on a Justice League script.  Apparently he has been working on it for some time as well!  Beall’s only previous credits include TV’s Castle and the upcoming Ryan Gosling vehicle Gangster Squad (coming to a theater near you September 7th!).

At this moment, it is way too early to tell if this choice is good or bad, but he is certainly getting the opportunity to prove himself as a major Blockbuster writer.  Beall has also been tapped to pen the Logan’s Run remake and Lethal Weapon 5.  According to Kick-Ass comic book creator, Mark Millar (who has a mutual friend with Beall), the script is “very real-world and not at all what you might expect” and that the “tidbits I heard sound quite dark and mature, which isn’t what I expected.”  Sounds like this superhero-filled juggernaut should land somewhere closer to The Dark Knight and (hopefully) far away from The Green Lantern.  Warner Bros. seems to be doing a reverse-Marvel Studios by starting with an epic superhero team-up and then following with individual stories.  The cast is expected to be entirely new and the plot will likely exist separately from Christopher Nolan‘s Batman trilogy, the recent Green Lantern, and Zach Snyder‘s new Superman flick, The Man of Steel.

With this news comes a barrage of questions including:  Who should direct the film?  What superheros (and super villains) should be included?  Who should star?  Is this a good idea?  And who the heck is Will Beall??  Please provide your opinions below.  If anyone is familiar with Beall’s Castle episodes, I would love to know if you think he has the chops for this enormous job.

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Source: Filmonic

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