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GIRLS, “Weirdos Need Girlfriends Too” Episode Recap

“What’s the deal with that guy? Is he, like, a great thinker, or just a total f—ing idiot?” — Jessa

Adam has turned into perhaps Girls‘ most interesting character in the past few weeks. It was difficult to like him at first because of the way his and Hannah’s relationship was portrayed to the audience, but as we found out in last week’s episode, Hannah can oftentimes be an unreliable narrator, failing to see through the entire scope of their situation.

Walls were broken down last week, so much so that Hannah and Adam are now a full-on item, doing cutesy (bordering on sickening) couple stuff like watching home movies, calling each other baby, jogging together and eating ice cream. But there’s still so much that Hannah (and therefore, the audience) is still learning about the shirtless man.

Adam’s a weirdo, and if we didn’t know that before, we definitely got the idea after he thought it would be funny to pee on Hannah’s leg in the shower, but like everyone on this show, he’s much more complex than that. He is openly sympathetic to Marnie about her difficult breakup, proving to her for the first time that he’s an actual human being. He gives her advice about how to get past this phase by doing what makes her feel good, which is basically the only way Adam can live.

Pretty much the only thing that makes Adam proud is his art, whether it be woodworking or in this case writing and acting in a small play. His integrity is all he has to hold on to, or as he puts it, “I would rather do nothing for the rest of my life than have my name on something mediocre.” The play Adam was working on is plenty weird, and Hannah seems a bit uncomfortable on more than one occasion during the rehearsal, but there was some poignant moments about Adam’s life sprinkled throughout the monologue and the heart behind it is unquestioned.

After a dispute with his stage partner (he threw around one too many ‘yos’ during his canoe speech), Adam quits the project, even though the other guy staked the $2,000 to fund it, further ensuing that while Adam may be more three-dimensional than we originally thought, he’s still got plenty of issues (losing his shit on a driver on their walk back to his apartment and improperly gauging Hannah’s reaction to shower pee are also strikes against him).

Adam is able to redeem himself in Hannah’s eyes with a grand-style apology (hundreds of ‘sorry’ fliers posted up on the wall where the car incident happened), proving once again just how damn charming this weirdo can be. Even with Hannah’s issues on the backburner for an episode, it’s nice to get a peek inside this newly-formed official relationship – discovering new things, learning to live with people’s flaws, and working towards compromise.

While Hannah’s love life seems to be the healthiest it’s ever been (not saying much), Marnie has reached a new low. Her struggles with the Charlie breakup have only enhanced following last week’s debacle now that she’s discovered that he and his new girlfriend have been gallivanting through Italy together (Marnie scrolling through Facebook, crying, listening to Demi Lovato was particularly hilarious).

With Marnie in a rut, Jessa becomes her unlikely rescuer (continuing her new path of trying to be a more acting and sympathetic member of society), lending Marnie an ear and taking her out for drinks. At first Marnie thinks Jessa’s act is very fishy, as she still thinks Jessa’s the selfish girl she’s always been (“You’ve known me for six years,  you’ve known my name for three”), but Jessa comes clean in saying that she’s beautiful and she’s always liked her, but she’s uptight.

Not exactly a major revel. Even Marnie knows it. That’s the only way she knows how to operate, but it’s exhausting her and she’s sick of it. So when the opportunity presents itself to get out of her head and be spontaneous, she jumps at the chance to overcompensate for an evening.

Some dude at the bar (played by the hilarious Chris O’Dowd) has the girls up to his apartment and the typical roles have been switched, as it’s now Marnie who’s up for anything and doing things for the story and Jessa feeling like the situation has become a bit too much for the two of them to handle. But Marnie won’t waiver, so much so that she begins to initiate the guy’s hoped-for threesome by kissing Jessa, who reverts back to her old self in the moment and turns it into a full-on make out session. The situation gets hairy when the guy is ultimately turned down and gets borderline rage-y (“I want to be balls deep in something!”), which is as good a cue as any for the girls to get the hell out of there.

Both Adam and Marnie are beginning to break free from what they are used to, albeit in opposite directions. At Girls‘ core, it’s a show about people trying to “figure it out.” We think it’s supposed to be dealt with like any other stage of our life – as something that we’ll eventually get a handle on and move on from. But whether it be good or bad or right or wrong, figuring it out never truly ends.

Other Thoughts

– Some of the best laugh out loud moments yet in this episode: Hannah giving up on her run by throwing her shoes and laying in the street, Adam with the ice cream man: “She’ll show you her tits if you give us some ice cream…just kidding I have five dollars,” Jessa’s complaints about her thighs in the heat: “I wish I had a wheelchair for June and July.”

– I agree with Hannah. Runner’s high is bullshit.

– Marnie and Jessa have a nice bonding moment while talking shit on Hannah, marking the second time in as many weeks she’s been badmouthed behind her back. Also interesting that Marnie lost her virginity at 14, while Jessa not until 17, but she was a late bloomer, and as she so eloquently put it, “sex without breasts is creepy.”

– Great sight gag: Adam takes off his shirt the second he gets into his apartment.

– Some other good lines pulled from O’Dowd’s rant: “There’s no cartilage in the world that exquisite.” “What are you doing with a bowler hat?”

The Vaccines’ “Wreckin Bar” over the closing credits is probably the catchiest 90-second song you’ll hear all day.

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