FRANKENWEENIE’s World Wide Tour: “The Art of Frankenweenie”

To my eyes it doesn’t matter if you are a fan of director’s Tim Burton’s filmography, there’s something you can’t deny from his line of work is his stylish, recognizable and also innovative “look” that his films still have to this date. You can tell a film is a “Burton” by just going through a few frames on any of his projects: grimm, somber, old-school, pop-art, German expressionism, all of them combined, contrasting yet cohesive, beautiful.

This exhibit, moving from London, to the U.S.A. to Tokyo in a matter of months before the film’s release, is a worldwide campaign to portray what an intricate technique Stop-Motion represents. From his high production values to the time consuming process that involves making a puppet look like it’s “alive”, by spending maybe an entire day creating the illusion that it is moving for at least a couple of seconds ( and that’s in a good day).

I had the chance to visit the MOMA exhibition “The Art of Tim Burton” in New York  a couple of years ago and it was mind blowing: I saw the Edward Scissorhands original costume, the Beetlejuice Snake, to the actual puppets used on Nightmare Before Christmas (the Jack doll brought the biggest smile to my face), and you can tell there are hands doing some hard labor behind this iconic films.

Frankenweenie promises to be such a unique project, Black and White, Stop Motion, a nod to old school horror films. I’m really curios to see how general audiences are gonna respond to it.  We are so CGI numb these days that old school can feel new, refreshing, artsy, and yet, delightfully spooky.

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