Film Club – Episode 3: REQUIEM FOR A DREAM

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This week see’s us take a trip into the dark, murky world of addiction as we break down the key compounds of Darren Aronofsky’s REQUIEM FOR A DREAM. From it’s experimental, sensory editing and hyper stylized presentation to it’s standout performance from Ellen Burstyn. Hate it or love theres no denying Aronofsky’s sophomore packs one hell of a punch.

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Raising the bar on last week’s example of disaster cinema Chopping Mall, Dan really stepped up to the plate with his Trash Bag Masterpiece this week. Can Heironymus MerkinEver Forget Mercy Humppe and Find True Happiness? is an X Rated Musical that was manufactured in Britain and unleashed upon the public in 1969. Marketed as “a zany erotobiography” this sleazy playboy promoted song and dance features a very bizzarre cast including Joan Collins as….”Polystyrene Poontang”!

As for next weeks film, well seing as Dan’s picked one as have I we thought we’d turn to you the listener to help decide what the third entry into the Film Club archive would be. We took some of you suggestions and put them into our high tech, big budget movie picker pictured below.














After a shake and a shuffle we picked a movie out and the gods have cinema have decided that Sam Raimi’s cult indie horror The Evil Dead will be our next instalment. So go get your hands on a copy, go watch, let us know what you make of the movie over the FILM CLUB FORUM on Facebook and then come back here next week for the post mortem.

Dont forget you can follow your hosts Mal Foster (@iammalkovich) Dan Sarath (@danielsarath) and Screen Invasion (@screeninvasion) on Twitter.

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