Film Club – Episode 2: ALIEN

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Welcome one and all to Film Club, where the first rule of Film Club is you DO talk about Film Club! This week see’s us chop up our first entry into the project, Ridley Scott’s 1979 classic Alien. We tackle all aspects of the Sci Fi chiller from it’s remarkable set design to the themes of creation and isolation. But alongside spooling out our points of view we want to hear your take on the film, so head on over to the Film Club Forums over at Facebook.

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As a counteracting caveat, each week on Film Club we will also provide you with a film that belongs in the “so bad it’s good” or “so bad it should be buried” category. Whether you want to take these video nasties head on or avoid them like a zombie outbreak is up to you. This week’s Trash Bag Masterpiece is Jim Wynorski’s 1986 horror disasterpiece, Chopping Mall.

As for next week’s film, well have I got a treat for you! The second entry into Film Club’s archives is Darren Arronofsky’s dreary, teary, brain tearing tale of addiction….Requiem For A Dream. So check out the trailer below, get yourself a copy, enjoy and then head on over to the Forum to break it down with us.


Dont forget you can follow your hosts Mal Foster (@iammalkovich) Dan Sarath (@danielsarath) and Screen Invasion (@screeninvasion) on Twitter.

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