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E3 2012: EA Press Conference

Electronic Arts’ press conference has just finished and as most expected it was quite sports focused. Madden, NBA, and Fifa all got big reveals for their next big games. One of the big announcements concerning EA Sports was the launch of their new Sports social network. An app that is meant to connect players and fans alike, with live updates, online game challenges, and  various other features.

Madden saw the announcement of a new physics engine that will allow a more realistic style of game play that promises to feel more like a live event. This comes shortly after Microsofts announcement that players will be able to create their own plays using a mobile device such as the iPad or Windows phone. Which is meant to make the playing experience as real as coaching your on team from the sidelines. Fifa 13 was announced shortly after the Sports network app and boasted various improvements. New controls, animations, rewards for returning players were all shown as well as some brand new game play footage. Dana White also made an appearance to announce the newest UFC game, while trying to hype the crowd.

Aside from the sports, Maxis also made a few interesting announcements. Simcity Social will be coming to Facebook and promises to conquer the market, while Sim City makes its triumphant return to the gaming market. Sim City shows off great building experiences as well as some multi-player options. Dead Space 3 was revealed with more multi-player focus and some game play was shown. A new character was revealed and brand new enemies as well, the video ended with a battle with a colossal creature attacking the pair.

Battlefield 3 Premium was revealed, which is a brand new fifty dollar subscription service for Battlefield players. New maps, guns, and dog tags  come with service with is now live on the PSN, with Xbox Live and PC’s versions to soon follow.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted got it’s reveal with some game play which showcases urban driving and a huge police chase. Crash physics seemed to be one of the focuses of this demo, as well as the announcement of social aspects paired with the game. The game is expected to ship on October 30th.

Crysis 3 was one of the big announcements with a new engine backing the game. Crytek wanted to show of the environmental more than anything else. The post apocalyptic world looked great, as alpha one was seen showing off his new weapon, the compact bow. Crysis 3 comes home February 2013.

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