DJANGO UNCHAINED First Teaser Trailer – Yup, looks like a Tarantino Western

After being cruelly ripped from the breast of the 7 minutes of footage showcased at Cannes, then subjected to endless cutting and torture at the hands of vicious editors and Entertainment Tonight and finally being attached to a chain-gang of other trailers for the benefit of Prometheus, Django Unchained’s first teaser has broken lose from the fetters of servitude and made its way to freedom–the internet–just so lazy people like us can stare at it from the comfort of our home and say stuff like “that’s cool” and “I didn’t know the D was silent, how interesting.”

Dig it:

Between the funky James Brown tune, the snap-zooms and the numerous dramatic stare-downs, the teaser seems to suggest Quentin Tarantino is veering closer towards the exploitation fun of Kill Bill and Deathproof rather than the slightly more restrained Inglorious Basterds.  The plot still seems epic in scope though, as Django looks to transition from slave to bounty hunter to avenger while confronting a number of evil, bearded enemies, then hopefully meeting the president and ending slavery along the way.

Christoph Waltz and Leonardo DiCaprio look as good as expected, cut from Tarantino’s classic verbose “bad mother-fucker” mold, while Jaime Foxx is trying to channel the silent, deadly type, but not entirely selling it in the footage shown. Then again, given the fact that he lived up to the name “Motherfucker Jones” in Horrible Bosses, it’s safe to say he’ll probably be able to live up to this one as well.

Django Unchained opens in US theaters on December 25, 2012 and UK and other international markets on January 18, 2013.

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