AMERICA’S BEST DANCE CREW, “Katy Perry” Season Finale Recap

It is here! We have just two crews left. My personal favorites all year Elektrolytes have flown under the radar all year long, while 8 Flavahz has been at the top all year. Will this finally be the year that one of the young crews takes home the title? Or will Elektrolytes soar to the top? Let’s find out.

The show begins with a group number to “Wide Awake” by our superstar for the night Katy Perry. WOW to that head spin into a one handed bboy spin.  That literally made me yell at the TV.  That was really sick. Great opening to the finale!

Mario Lopez announces that former champions will be joining the crews to assist in their final performances. Quest Crew and Jabbawockeez one time?!  Ugh Poreotix and We Are Heroes are the crews? I mean, don’t get me wrong. They are good. But seriously, of all the crews you could pick? Guess they are the least busy.

Elektrolytes is up first.

Crew: Elektrolytes
Katy Perry Song: “Part Of Me”
Background: Pretty crazy that they auditioned for the show four times.  I’m excited for this performance. Should be a good combination of humor and big air tricks.
Routine: Really energetic throughout not a single dull moment. I like the waving part with them all together.  And of course they have another few ridiculous big air moments. D-Trix loved the energy and said they were amazing together.  Only one judge giving their opinion? Interesting.

Crew: 8 Flavahz
Katy Perry Song: TGIF
Background: Katy Perry tells them that their outfits will be very important, and that girls rule boys drool.  Lots of girl power in this one. Should be interesting.
Routine: It was good. Not great, but good. Parts of it were a little slow for me, and there weren’t very many “oh” moments until the end. I felt like We Are Heroes got more of the spotlight, but maybe not. Lil Mama said she loved the collabo using their unique styles together.  She highlighted the back flip section, which was good, but one of them didn’t land it perfectly.  Overall, a solid performance, but I preferred Elektrolytes.

Defending champs I aM mE are going to take the stage now! I loved this crew last year they were my favorites because they had Phillip Chbeeb who was made famous by his time on So You Think You Can Dance. They are performing to ET. Their visuals are just unmatched.  They are just ridiculous.  That flip off of Phillip’s back. Wow. JC says it was so creative, a barrage of information, and fantastic.  I’ve never seen JC this excited after a performance.

Now they are going through the montages of both crews. For full disclosure, Elektrolytes has been my favorite crew for most of the year. I think they should win. However, for the first time ever, I wouldn’t mind if one of the young crews won. Last year, Iconic Boyz was out classed.  They would have had no business winning. I liked RNG, but they didn’t have enough to win this year. I feel like 8 Flavahz has a great shot at winning,  but I felt like they peaked about mid way through the season, while Elektrolytes has hit his stride towards the end. For that, I hope they win.

We are back from the break. As I said before, I want Elektrolytes to win, but I think 8 Flavahz will. I wouldn’t be mad about it either way. The winner is…….Elektrolytes!!!!! The true underdog story has been completed! Wow what a season. Really Randy Jackson?! A “yo!” button. Classic.

What did you think of the winners? Let us know in the comments!


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