Watch: The Hulk stops by SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE

With The Avengers breaking box office records left and right and being the talk of the town, I was surprised it didn’t get a big mention on Saturday Night Live this week. Well, it looks like it did but the bit was cut from the live version.

Watch The Hulk (played by Bobby Moynihan) visit Seth Meyers on Weekend Update:

I love that the collectible Hulk hands are part of his transformation! I’m surprised it was cut since it is so topical and they should really capitalize off the film that’s breaking all the box office records. But, at the same time Weekend Update already had so much going for it with the “Get in the Cage” bit, with Andy Samberg as Nic Cage with Liam Neeson, and the “Really?!??!?” about the Time Magazine cover.

See all the highlights from this weekend’s episode hosted by Will Ferrell right here. 

Do you think this should have made it in to the final live taping?

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