Watch: NEW GIRL – Curse of Caroline

New Girl, “Backslide” held a lot of great moments and this was one of my favorite.  The effect that Caroline had on Nick when she ended things between the two of them was extreme and intense, as shown by this clip.  Nick is beyond lucky to have friends like Winston and Schmidt to set him straight!

The effort to distract and trap Nick with the elaborate set-up for the video viewing was spectacular and watching Winston with that ridiculous earring kept me giggling.  Nick is already pretty pitiful at times, but  never more so than when trying to get over the Curse of Caroline.  At least the Nick we know showers and occasionally gets a haircut, I would really hate to see this pitiable version return.  Winston and Schmidt do all they can…will it be enough?

What is your favorite moment from tonight’s New Girl episode?  Share in the comments below!

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