The official trailer for Cellmates has been released, giving a bit of insight into the storyline before its release into select theaters on Friday June 1st. In Jesse Baget’s feel good, buddy comedy, the film follows the prison sentence of “Grand Dragon” Ku Klux Klan member Leroy Lowe (Tom Sizemore) and his relationship with Mexican immigrant cellmate Emilio Ortiz (Hector Jimenez).

The official synopsis reads:

“Worlds collide when hardened Ku Klux Klansman Leroy Lowe (Tom Sizemore) and Meican field laborer Emilio (Hector Jimenez) are forced to share a prison cell. The unlikely relationship takes an unexpected turn when the chatty Emilio slowly chips away at Leroy’s gruff exterior in writer/director Jesse Baget’s offbeat buddy comedy which also stars Stacy Keach, Kevin Farley and Olga Segura.”

The trailer stays true to the indie nature of the film and highlights key aspects of Leroy’s and Emilio’s relationship.

To read my full review of Cellmates check out this link:

Watch the trailer below!

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