Kaskade & Skrillex’s “Lick It” Video Review

American DJ and producer, Kaskade, collaborates with Skrillex on “Lick It” from his Fire & Ice studio album.



A young woman who looks terribly shaken frantically trudges through a snowy mountainside neighbourhood, when the track picks up and her ears begin to spurt blood.

You’ve ruined your new designer Hamburger Helper™ gloves!

We keep focused on her panicked face as she makes her way down the hill. Perhaps she’s upset because the pill she dropped hasn’t kicked in yet. Her casual wave to a passerby suggests she’s headed somewhere specific and not just in need of a ride to some gauze.

She tries to halt a young plaided fellow who cunningly evades her with sloppy break dancing.

But, wait. The blood more clearly appears to be jumping back into her head, despite her gloves and shirt becoming increasingly blood-soaked. Hmm.

She comes across the mountain version of Kaskade who wisely takes flight. During the breakdown, the wonky order of things becomes more clear: she’s walking forward into her own disappearing footprints in the snow as the blood rises up from the ground back inside her ears.

So that explains the strange taste of the mushrooms on that 2-for-1 Magic Forest Pizza special that her brother and his friends gave her in the basement back at home.

At least her hair is following the proper order of things: growing out of the unfortunate Skrillex-esque half-shaven head that’s so popular with the faux-bisexual baristas working at the Bean There, Drank That.

Her day starts turning around when she breaks into someone’s house, steals their headphones, and notices that a small posse of mountain folk are enjoying the music.

“I thought this sounded like crap until I realized other people think it’s cool!”

I assume this concept is a tongue-in-cheek response to the type of criticisms that could come from, say, a retired couple upon hearing an abrasive electro track whilst sitting on their plastic-wrapped, white antique couch in their special-occasions-only living room.

“Nothing in this house has been touched for thirty years! And I mean nothing.”

Here’s what you want to do for a simple concept dance video with a tinge of weird:



An adorable variety of characters personifying different parts of the song, dancing, and with unique choreography. Usually you don’t want to suggest your music is disturbing, makes one’s ears bleed (in reverse or regular-type), and gives the main character a claustrophobic feeling of doom in what should be a freeing, wide open space.

I admire the attempt at something different and trippy, especially for such a wild pumping track, but this weighs too heavily on ‘confusing and boring’ where it could be ‘strange and arousing!’

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