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Video Games Live To Perform During E3

It’s been announced that during this year’s E3 ceremonies (June 6th), that Tommy Tallarico’s brian child Video Games Live will take over the Nokia Theater in LA. Tallarico wanted to do something special for E3 this year and considering that LA is the concerts most frequently visited venue it seemed like a no brainer. The video game concert which started back in 2005, will be only weeks away from its seventh year anniversary when it plays the week of E3.

Tallarico has released some details on recent additions to the ever growing show. For instance Austin Wintory’s Journey score has not only been added to the set list but will be conducted by Wintory himself. Various Skyrim scores have also been added but no word on just which ones, they will be conducted by a special secret guest. As well as scores from Donkey Kong, Star Fox, and Street Fighter which is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Diablo III, World of Warcraft: Mists of the Pandaria have also made the cut, and Tallarico’s own Eatherworm Jim is expected to finally make its debut after being one of the most requested additions to the show. Tallarico has also stated that internet sensation Lindsay Sterling will get her on stage debut with the 110 orchestra, and the chance to perform a solo. Some Video Games Live veterans will also be performing once again as Laura “Flute Link” Intravia, and Martin Leung will also be in attendance.

Outside of the music people in attendance will get the chance to win Samsung laptops, from concert sponsors AMD and Samsung. Guinness will be in attendance to bestow a world record to the organization, as well as an appearance by Billy Mitchell (King of Kong). The pre-show Guitar Hero competition is also confirmed for the June 6th show, with the winner being brough up on stage to play Guitar Hero as the Orchastra accompanies them live.

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