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Unreal Engine 4 + Next Gen Consoles = Graphics that will blow your mind

Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 3 has been at the centre of some of the most beautiful games to date. Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham City was just one of the many games that ran on that engine and the visuals were utterly spectacular. However in a recent interview with Epic Games’ Tim Sweeney he announced that their Unreal Engine 4 will blow developers away.

At last years GDC, Epic Games revealed a tech demo entitled The Samaritan in which they showed off the power of their engine. However this was not Engine #4 but rather a “souped-up” version of #3, thus leaving us with the question – how good is #4 going to be? In the interview Sweeney discussed the prospects and sheer power of the next engine:

As early as last March, Epic was making the case for more power with a demo screened at the 2011 GDC. Called Samaritan and built in Unreal Engine 3 with a new set of specialized plug-ins, the video showcased the rendering power of current high-end hardware, displaying an impressive array of effects, like realistic clothing, lifelike lighting, and highly detailed facial expressions. It took three high-end graphics cards to handle the demand, but it grabbed people’s attention. “We used it as an opportunity to make a point to the developers,” Sweeney says. “‘We want 10 times more power; here’s what we can do with it.

And that was merely for a souped-up version of Unreal 3. For Unreal 4, yet another quantum leap in hardware has to happen. Creating a game that operates on a level of fidelity comparable to human vision, Sweeney says, will require hardware at least 2,000 times as powerful as today’s highest-end graphics processors. That kind of super-hi-def experience may be only two or three console generations away, but it hinges on manufacturers moving toward the power levels Sweeney is looking for today. He needs the next generation of consoles to be good.

To coincide with this interview Wired managed to get their hands on some screen caps of the Unreal 4 demo reel:

Source: Wired

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