TV Upfronts: Trailers and Analysis of The CW’s Fall Pilots

While The CW isn’t as big as the other four networks, they do have some promising shows in the works. They also have some shows that are so out there, that they’ll either be great or crash in a blaze. The CW doesn’t work the same as other networks, allowing low-rated series like Nikita and Hart of Dixie to be considered successes, but then also cancelling other low-rated shows like The Secret Circle and Ringer. But let’s not dwell on negative, time to check out the promising flock of trailers for this fall’s pilots. Trailers for the midseason shows, The Cult and The Carrie Dairies, aren’t available online yet. Once those goes up, you can be sure we’ll post them.

Beauty and the Beast

Starring a familiar WB face, Kristen Kruek from Smallville, this could be a genre hit for the station much like that was along with Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries. Beauty and the Beast worked on TV before and with the advances in special effects and makeup it could work again. Also, it seems they’re making it where he’s not always in “beast mode” so they can still have an attractive male lead to bring in the teens.

Emily Owens, MD

Looking like a lighter version of Grey’s Anatomy, this could be cute show. However, with Hart of Dixie already on, it seems like The CW is banking on that young-doctor-finding-themselves a little too much. The voice-over conceit could definitely grate if not handled deftly.


Why wasn’t archery this cool when I was a kid? Between this, The Hunger Games, Brave, and Hawkeye in The Avengers it’s never been a better time to have some skills with a bow and arrow. Of the three new shows for this fall, this definitely has the best chances of being a hit.

Will you watch any of these new shows?

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