TV Recap: America’s Best Dance Crew, “Jennifer Lopez”

This week America’s Best Dance Crew is slumming it with Pauly D from The Jersey Shore as a guest DJ, and the music is coming straight from the “block” from Jennifer Lopez. I’m sure Pauly D’s appearance is to cross-promote the other MTV property as well as his spin off show. I’ll try not to call out my distaste for him throughout the recap. This week they’re changing up the bottom by having the three bottom crews battle it out. Luckily, only one crew will be eliminated, but it’ll definitely give the other two some fire to kick up their game.

The first crew safe is 8 Flavahs with Fanny Pak falling into the bottom again.
Crew: 8 Flavahs
J.Lo Song: “Let’s Get Loud”
Background: After last week’s emotional routine, Angel’s mom lost her battle with cancer. She’s back home this week spending some much needed time with her family and I’m sure all our prayers and good vibes are going out to her at this hard time in her young life. As for the dance, they have to incorporate salsa dancing and use trumpets as a prop into this routine. Let’s see how they handle it along with being short a member.
Routine: These girls are athletic! They had some strong choreography and amazing gymnastics that all tied well together. Lil Mama called out Angel’s amazing strength to show up and smile and cheer her crew on during these hard times for her. She also brought up the slow-mo of all their back handsprings and back 1 and a half twist – amazing. D-Trix said they get better and better every week. Tamera was doing the cha-cha moves on her hands, which D-Trix said he himself couldn’t do as a b-boy. JC loves and is amazed at their athleticism. As I mentioned in the latest episode of The Small Screen Podcast, every season of ABDC has at least one “gimmick” crew and this year it’s all the young crews. However, what makes this season different is that all the young crews are actually highly talented. There’s no chance of an Iconic Boyz repeat!
Between Collision Crew and Mos Wanted Crew, it looks America is really digging Mos Wanted Crew. That means Collision and Fanny Pak are in the bottom for the second time.
Crew: Mos Wanted Crew
J.Lo Song: “On The Floor” featuring Pitbull
Background: Given the song title, it makes sense that they’ll have to do moves “on the floor” and get low for this routine. On top of that, they’ll have to involve the crowd by doing a move that J.Lo has used many a time in her videos and in concert.
Routine: Another great routine! These guys are seriously talented, and could be on this show for a while. Their “on the floor” challenge was cool to watch on camera, but I doubt it was any where near as entertaining for the judges and audience in the studio. D-Trix thought they killed the challenge and thought half the routine was on the floor. They took JLo’s choreography and made it manly. JC pointed out that they got a little lost and were thinking too much. He still liked them, but they need more work. Lil Mama loves that they enjoy being sexy men on stage. Gonna be honest, I do too.
And the last matchup pits Electrolytes against Rated Next Generation. Will another young group come out on top? Maybe not. Electrolytes is safe for this week! I’m glad since they’re slept on in this competition.
Crew: Electrolytes
J.Lo Song: “Get Right”
Background: They need to bring in the subway theme some how and decide to try to build a train with their bodies. On top of that, they have to incorporate canes since that was utilized in the music video.
Routine: My favorite routine of the night! Such great storytelling, humor, and choreography. JC loves that they keep adding dimensions to their performances. Seriously, that fight segment was amazing! Lil Mama said that their routine was so New York and made her feel at home with that train scenario. D-Trix flat out said they had everything it takes to be America’s Best Dance Crew. I don’t think many viewers will be overlooking this crew now – that was the best of the night!
The Bottom Three
Crew: Collision Crew
J.Lo Song: “Jenny From The Block”
Background: They have the foundations of hip-hop dancing, from locking to b-boying. I feel like this crew has a tendancy to draw the short straw – first that Madonna song, now this challenge that is a level above the other ones. On top of this tough challenge, one crew member, Kenny Strong, has Sickle Cell Anemia which causes him a lot of joint pain so he’s not at 100% this week.
Routine: That moonwalk on his knes was pretty funny and impressive. Overall, I wasn’t too impressed with this performance – all of the choreography was on one level. JC is a fan of their energy and charisma. He pointed out my favorite moment, the knee moon walk. It’s impressive that he was able to do that with his Sickle Cell flaring up.
Crew: Rated Next Generation
J.Lo Song: “Do it Well”
Background: They have to incorporate dance moves that are older than they are! They have to do the Kid’n’play and the Roger Rabbit. They also have to include the “Whop” which is a shifting, side move.
Routine: Again, these kids are talented! They had some strong choreography and were able to pull of those moves despite having never done them before this week. They looked right out of an 80s or 90s music video! D-Trix thought this was their best routine, yet again. Can we please get a .gif of Mario Lopez dancing right then? And lastly, D-Trix definitely picked the best moment to highlight with a slow-mo.
Crew: Fanny Pak
J.Lo Song: “Waiting for Tonight”
Background: They have to change clothes during their routine, which sounds difficult but of any crew still around they would be the crew to do it best and incorporate it into the choreo. On top of that, they have to incorporate a lift that involves the four guys and one girl.
Routine: Loved the story behind the quick change – these robots come into the world of color. They get a chant going from the crowd, so they definitely have the momentum on their site. Lil Mama thought they took it to the next level and called the routine “like robot to rainbow.”
Elimination: The judges love Fanny Pak and Rated Next Generation, both who had strong routines this week. Collision Crew was solid, but not outstanding, and have had a weak routine before. The first crew saved is RNG. I’m not normally a fan of the younger crews, but these kids have moves. And it’s official, Collision Crew is heading home. That knee moon walk wasn’t enough to save them.
Prediction: I don’t think America is on Fanny Pak’s side. They’ve been here before, why do they get a second chance instead of finding some fresh talent? I could see them being in the bottom again, and I don’t know long the judges will keep saving them. It’s hard to know who could join them next week, I could see Mos Wanted Crew ending up there because the younger crews usually get the phones ringing more.
Of course, after my repeated mentions of Iconic Boyz, they’re going to be performing in the opening group number next week. Oh well, hopefully the rest of the show will be good.
Do you think the right crew went home? Who do you think will be in the bottom next week?
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