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It was hidden on the Adult Swim flash, backdoor, paper schedules, and cable program guides listed it only as “To Be Announced”. Until now, at least. Ladies and Gentlemen, your 2012 Toonami lineup:

12:00AM – Bleach
12:30AM – Deadman Wonderland
1:00AM – Casshern Sins
1:30AM – Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood
2:00AM – Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex (will be 2nd GIG on Saturday when Toonami premieres, will probably be both)
2:30AM – Cowboy Bebop
3:00AM until 6:00AM/END – Repeat block

So there you have it. Your two new anime filling up those vacancies on the Toonami lineup.

Deadman Wonderland is a show about a boy named Ganta Igarashi, a regular middle school student who escaped a devastating earthquake in Japan years prior that eviscerated most of Tokyo. He doesn’t remember it very well, and leads the normal life of a middle school student in his town, until one day, a man wearing red armor and drenched in blood makes his way through Ganta’s classroom’s windows, murdering everyone in his class, and putting a red crystal into Ganta’s chest. Ganta is tried for the murders, and convicted. He is sentenced to life in Deadman Wonderland, a prison and an amusement park where people come to watch prisoners and where prisoners are constantly being pumped with poison via collars they are forced to wear.

Casshern Sins is a recent reboot of a show from 1973 with a similar name. In the new series, robots become self aware and have essentially taken over the planet. The leader of the robots, Braiking Boss, sends three of his most powerful cyborg warriors to kill a girl that the remaining humans see as the salvation of their species. They succeed, but in succeeding, they bring about the end of the world, filling the planet’s atmosphere with poison. Years later, humans and robots begin to die off, and Casshern returns with no memory of what he’s done. He goes off to try to remember, and figure out his purpose.

Some interesting shows filling up the slots. Action shows. Toonami has some cool stuff going for it.

Besides the schedule popping up today, Toonami’s Jason DeMarco, Clarknova1 on Twitter (who has worked on Toonami for quite some time and who I think is the man who created Black Hole Megamix), dropped a bit of knowledge on how the block is going to be set up. You can read his tweets about it on his account, linked right up there where I said “Clarnova1 on Twitter”, but here’s a summary:

  • Unsurprisingly, no Dragonball Z, Naruto, other old Toonami titles. Rights are owned by others (DBZ and Kai are owned by Nickelodeon, Naruto by Disney), and they are far too expensive right now.
  • The block needs the ratings to bring in the cash needed to even make the block. They don’t have a ton right now.
  • Steve Blum will, of course, still voice TOM, which will be a high-res revamp of TOM 3.0.
  • The Absolution will be near-identical to TOM 3.0’s Absolution, with slight differences.
  • No SARA. Until they can afford it, at least.
  • Game reviews, music videos, content pieces like the old block will be there. They’ll do as much as they can with the budget.
  • Joe Boyd Vigil will not provide music. Instead, music will come from the same places Adult Swim gets its regular bump soundtracks from, like Ghostly, Warp, Victory, and will include people like El-P and Flying Lotus.
  • Peter Cullen will not do promos like he once did. Too busy to do it.
  • Shows will keep their original openings (you may remember the old block cutting those off in favor of Toonami-specific openings).
  • For the technical people: packaging (bumps, etc) will be in HD, HD anime will be in HD, SD anime will air as-is or upscaled.

Clarknova is answering some questions right now (as of 1:30PM on 5/21/12) on his Twitter (linked again for good measure) concerning the block. One person asked about Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt and if there’s been an issue with it, he responded with a no, and that it’s “one of many shows we’ve been looking at”, and to “keep bugging” the network. Another clears up part of the Adult Swim Upfront press release about the block: no original programming in production. Just new acquisitions.

So, there you have it. The new Toonami block layed out for you. Now we wait until Saturday night and then we watch. Get this block the ratings it needs, so it has the money it needs to continue to improve, and to bring in new shows. You know you want new shows. We all do. So help it out and have some fun.

Toonami begins Saturday night, May 26th, at Midnight.


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