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TBBT Season Finale – Here Comes the Bridesmaid

In the season finale of The Big Bang Theory, “The Countdown Reflection”, the title says it all.  The show opens with Howard on the space ship waiting to take off with two other astronauts.  He is still terrified of going in to space, in fact telling the other astronauts he has changed his mind, and starts reflecting on everything that has gone on in the past two days.

As the gang gathers to watch Howard’s launch, Burnadette is exceptionally nervous, as I imagine anyone in her position would be.  Howard’s other girlfriend, Raj has been eating non-stop due to his nerves and is wearing his slightly hideous “fat pants” as a result.

Back in the cockpit with Howard efforts to explain the origin of the nickname fruit loop, as the Russian assumes it’s because he’s a “fruit”.  He is impressed to learn that Howard is actually getting married…to a girl.  Howard flashes back to a couple days previous and we see him giving Burnadette a necklace with a star charm on it that he will take with him in to space that she gets to wear a star that’s actually been in space.  Burnadette takes the opportunity to tell Howard she doesn’t want to wait to get married until Howard comes home.

When Howard and Burnadette break the news to the gang that they will be getting married sooner and at City Hall no less, Amy just can’t handle losing her moment to walk down the isle (forget Howard and Burnadette’s moment).  Sheldon opts out as he doesn’t think it will be fun for him, and we see one more instance that proves Amy and Sheldon are meant for one another.  When Leonard tries to convince Sheldon that it will be fun, Sheldon lays out a nice burn with, that’s what you said about the Green Lantern movie and we all know what happened with that.

Everyone heads to City Hall for the wedding we’ve all been waiting this entire season for.  Amy isn’t about to miss her opportunity and wears her bridesmaid dress anyway.  Sheldon questions Leonard as to whether or not it’s awkward being amid all the married couples after proposing to Penny and being shot down.  No one else knows about the ‘proposal’ and the two of them try to avoid discussing the issue.  Of course Sheldon gives them all the information they need anyway.  When Penny and Leonard start bickering over the proposal, Amy tells them to stop it, as the day isn’t about them, but about Burnadette and Howard…and Amy.  An announcement is made that there is only time enough for three couples to get married so Howard pleas with the officer by telling her he’s an astronaut and leaving for space, which she doesn’t buy at all. In light of this turn of events, Amy decides she is going to find a couple that needs a maid of honor so she can take advantage of her bridesmaid get-up.

They don’t make it through at City Hall so the only logical suggestion left is made; to go to Vegas to get married.  Sheldon brings up Leonard and Penny getting married yet again, I feel like the writers are just playing with us a bit at this point.  They want the wedding to be memorable and try to figure out how to make a last-minute wedding special.  Raj has requested that Burnadette and Howard recreate the wedding from sound of music, but suggests something appropriately nerdy to take it’s place.  He tells everyone the Google satellite will be over them on Sunday and they could make a grand gesture in order to see themselves on Google Earth.  This delay also gives them time for someone to become ordained online in order to officiate the wedding.  Amy is still focused on herself and is ecstatic that her dress will be seen from space.  Sheldon volunteers to officiate the wedding, but in Klingon which Burnadette unceremoniously shuts down.  They ultimately decide to have the wedding on the roof of the building to accommodate their memorable day being shared with the world.

Back in the shuttle, Howard is still worried and there is a fuel leak that terrifies him.  The other astronauts assure him that nine out out of ten times a fuel leak doesn’t cause any problems.  Personally, not good enough odds for me.

On the big day the groomsman gifts are a very collectible Fantastic Four comic.  Sheldon is terribly upset by the gift because there is a discrepancy between the value of the comic and the cost of the gravy boat that he bought as a wedding gift.  He makes up difference between the $88 gravy boat he bought and $100 comic book by giving Howard $12 back (then taking $2 back from Howard for the card he bought with it).   Raj directs the celebration.  Burnadette’s dad reluctantly gives her away.  Raj, Leonard, Penny, Sheldon and Amy are all ordained and have self-serving scripts to share with the couple during the officiation.  Penny and Leonard get into an argument over her contribution which ironically includes a bit about the time or place that their marriage happens doesn’t matter as long as they are together.  Amy uses her opportunity to speak to offer her services as bridesmaid for second wedding if this one “craps out”.  Leonard shares that their relationship is special because they are best friends that love eachother, directing his comments at Penny.  Leonard just keeps picking at that scab and Sheldon joins in, asking Penny, would you like some aloe vera? ‘Cause you just got burned.  Sheldon tries to sneak in a little Klingon but does it in English instead.  For a moment, I thought Sheldon would save it and have the most moving speech and he still might, at least in his own head as he wishes them as much happiness together as he has found with himself.

The writers spare us the overdone drawn out ceremony; Burnadette and Howard share sweet and short vows.  Yay!  Our view changes and we are looking down on the crew from the Google satellite.

The episode wraps with everyone gathered to watch Howard take off, Raj and Burnadette are both exceptionally nervous.  Penny shows up just before lift off and states that this whole time a small part of her thought Howard was lying.  At the countdown everyone turns to the person closest to them for the comfort of a hand to hold. Raj and Burnadette, Leonard and Penny, and the best part of the entire episode for me (no I didn’t tear up, nobody saw me do it, you can’t prove anything) Sheldon makes the move to take Amy’s hand.

I can’t believe one of those loveable little nerds got married!  I’m so excited to find out how the space excursion goes for Howard next season and to seeing where things with Sheldon and Amy go, as well as Leonard and Penny.  I have to admit it is nice not having only one couple on the show to worry over.  The absence of TBBT will be hard, but if we stick together we’ll get through until next season.

Funny moments:

As everyone is gathered to watch Howard’s launch, Amy shares that she finds Sheldon’s eidetic memory sexy, uses a can of chips to test it and says that it gets the ovaries churning.

Howard accidentally calls Burnadette mom but quickly tries to recover, but who are we kidding, everyone knew what Burnadette was getting into there.

Raj: I would have been party planner if I wasn’t an astrophysicist.

Burnadette to dad: That’s it?  You’re just gonna toss me like a football?
Dad walking away shaking his head: Like he could catch a football

What was your favorite funny moment from the season finale?

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