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TITANIC – An Epic Musical Voyage Soundtrack Review

What soulless individual can deny the technical mastery that went into James Cameron’s TITANIC? The 1997 multi Oscar winner is a perfect a display of gorgeous costuming, intricate art design and production so beautiful it performs the impossible feat of distracting you from Kate Winslet’s assets.

No less stunning is the music, which is now released on a 15-track CD titled TITANIC: An Epic Musical Voyage. The album blends the best parts of James Horner’s epic score with compositions like Howard Blake’s classical S.O.S Titanic, Maury Yeston’s old-time Doing The Latest Rag and, of course, Zoë Poledouris’ rendition of My Heart Will Go On which will inevitably have singing at the top of your lungs while recreating the film’s iconic moment, arms stretched and standing on the edge of your bed.

For fans of the film, this is must-have companion to James Cameron’s beloved classic.


1. My Heart Will Go (vocal version) – Titanic – James Horner – vocals by Zoë Poledouris
2. Never An Absolution/Unwilling to Stay, Unwilling to Leave – Titanic – James Horner – vocals by Kristi Holden
3. Southampton/Take Her to Sea, Mr. Murdoch – Titanic – James Horner – vocals by Kristi Holden
4. Third Class/Steerage- Traditional (arranged by Joohyun Park)
5. Rose – Titanic – James Horner – vocals by Kristi Holden
6. Titanic Trot – Time Tunnel Pilot (Rendezvous with Yesterday)- John Williams
7. The Portrait (Piano Sketch) – Titanic – James Horner – solo piano by Dan Redfeld
8. Doing the Latest Rag – Titanic – Maury Yeston
9. No Moon – Titanic – Maury Yeston
10. SOS Titanic Theme – S.O.S. Titanic – Howard Blake
11. We’ll Meet Tomorrow – Titanic – Maury Yeston
12. Nearer My God to Thee – Traditional (arranged by Steven Ganci)
13. Raise the Titanic – Raise the Titanic – John Barry
14. Hymn to the Sea – Titanic – James Horner – vocals by Kristi Holden
15. My Heart Will Go On Vocalise – Titanic – James Horner – performed by Kristi Holden

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