PIRANHA 3DD Soundtrack Review

Nasty fish, terrible dialogue and more naked women than an Italian Prime Minister’s birthday party, Piranha 3DD has almost everything that could define ‘so bad it’s good’ B-movie trash.

But while you might think its casting of Christopher Lloyd, Ving Rhames and even The Hoff himself would be the major contributor to Piranha 3DD’s entertainment value, much of the corny fun that the film emits actually comes from Elia Cmiral’s score.

Known for his music in Battlefield Earth and the Wes Craven presented They – so he’s obviously accustomed to working on crap – the score is self-consciously overblown with giant fanfares and huge orchestra pieces that add to the ridiculous tone of Piranha 3DD.

It’s hardly memorable or innovative, but the music serves as a crucial device giving in allowing the audience to understand that Piranha isn’t a serious film that’s disastrously produced but in fact a tongue-in-cheek parody.

It’s unlikely you’ll want to return to this having seen the movie and therefore it’s not worth the full price to purchase, but Elia Cmiral’s music is a fitting cog in the gory, sexy, crazy machine that is Piranha 3DD.

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