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Soundtrack Review: Danny Elfman’s Original Score for Tim Burton’s DARK SHADOWS

As contrasting as the pale vampire Barnabas Collins looks against an almost technicolor background of characters and sets, Danny Elfman‘s latest score for Dark Shadows plays to the rest of this film’s soundtrack.

In his latest collaboration with Tim Burton, Elfman created another masterful background to what promises to be a very unique take on the “outcast” story. The main character in this film, played by Johnny Depp, is a vampire that after being spelled by a witch wakes up decades into his “future” in the 70’s, and goes to live with his human family. He’s pale, constrict, and looks (and feels) so out of place: everything around him is colorful and vibrant in an almost psychedelic pallet.

In this same manner Elfman’s score is so incredibly different to the rest of the music for this movie. The tone of it is very consistent, most of the themes are beautifully haunting, melancholic and somber. Some other tracks like The end? and Final Confrontation remind me of  his work on Batman and Spiderman, since they have a sense of urgency and action to them, enhanced by a brilliant use of his string section of the orchestra.

But if you check the rest of the soundtrack you find additions like “Bang a Gong” by T-Rex and “You Are My First, The Last, My Everything” by Barry White. As to follow all the contrasting themes present in this film, the soundtrack is no exception.

Danny Elfman’s latest effort is unique yet consistent with the rest of his line of work: creative yet cohesive, and beautiful. And since it represents almost the opposite of the rest of this soundtrack, you can tell being an outcast can be a great thing sometimes.


To listen to samples of Danny Elfman’s Score click HERE

To listen to samples of the Dark Shadows Soundtrack click HERE


The Dark Shadows Original Score and Soundtrack will be available in stores on May 8. The film opens May 11.


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