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SNL Highlights: Will Ferrell’s George Bush, 100th Digital Short, and more

The most successful Saturday Night Live cast member in recent memory, Will Ferrell, came back to host with Usher as the musical guest. They pulled out all the stops on this and it’s not even the season finale! Not only did Will Ferrell host, but they also nabbed Ana Gasteyer, Will Forte, Justin Timberlake, Natalie Portman, Michael Bolton, Jon Hamm, Liam Neeson and Justin Bieber for cameos. Will Ferrell is of course hilarious, so picking highlights was a little tricky. The only disappointment? Where was Celebrity Jeopardy?! Oh well, you can’t fit every major Will Ferrell bit in one episode, I guess. Check out my favorite sketches here and then share your favorite moments in the comments! Cold Open –  Joe Biden and his friend George W. Bush:

This made my list for one simple reason:

“Mission: Accomplished.” “What does that mean?” “It’s just something I say when I haven’t done anything and I don’t want to talk about it anymore.”

The 100th Digital Short:  They highlighted and brought back nearly every character and cameo from the top digital shorts! Natalie Portman is still crazy, Jon Hamm burst through as Sergio, Michael Bolton sang as Jack Sparrow, and Justin Timberlike took his dick out of the box so they could celebrate 100 digital shorts by everyone sucking their own dongs. Check out the full list of all 100 digital shorts on 

If Andy Samberg is in fact leaving this season, this was a fitting final Digital Short. Weekend Update: Really??!!? With all the cameos before this, I thought for sure that Amy Poehler would pop up. Sadly, it was just Seth but it was still a solid bit.

“Get in the Cage” with Liam Neeson  Again, if Andy is a goner then it was great to see his Nicolas Cage impression one last time.

I wanted to include the LGBT prom with Ana Gasteyer and Will Ferrell’s The Culps performance, for having the line that mad me laugh the most (“Our Lady Gaga impersonator was walking over in a meat dress and a pack of dogs took her down.”) and a great medley, but it looks like those songs aren’t cleared for them to include online since it’s not on Hulu or In case you were wondering, here are the songs they included: Rumor Has It, What Makes You Beautiful, Superbass, Boyfriend, Groove is in the Heart, I’m Sexy and I Know It, and YMCA.

What was your favorite sketch from the night?

See more highlights from SNL here. 

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