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SNL Highlights: Lazy Sunday 2, Stefon, The Californians and Kristen Wiig’s Farewell

Last night’s Saturday Night Live season finale had some great performances, funny sketches, and a touching farewell. Mick Jagger took the stage to host and perform, and for someone his age he did a damn fine job. On top of his hosting duties, it was also the last episode for Kristen Wiig, who’s leaving to focus on film work after the success of Bridesmaids. Andy Samberg and Jason Sudeikis are also leaving, but their goodbyes weren’t as obvious as Kristen’s. Let’s get to the highlights!


Lazy Sunday 2

I thought last week’s 100th Digital Short would be the last one, since it served so well as one with the highlights from all the previous shorts, but this was even better. The first Digital Short, “Lazy Sunday” changed the landscape of Saturday Night Live, thrusting it in the viral video age and making the show relevant in pop culture again.

Stefon on Weekend Update

I am so glad that Bill Hader is sticking around for at least another year! His ability to keep it (mostly) together as this character amazes me, ask he always says the most ridiculous things. This was fitting a fitting end, as he and Seth are going to “celebrate with a bang.” I can’t wait to hear what other crazy recommendations Stefon has next year.

The Californians

I was not expecting them to bring this back so soon! Their accents and the music queues get me at every turn. Steve Martin was nearly unrecognizable in that beach attire and blond wig, and his cameo was completely unexpected.

Kristen Wiig’s Farewell

Part 1: Laurence Welk Cold Open with Jon Hamm

Kristen Wiig’s creepy sister character finally finds love! Jon Hamm is always so great on SNL, but this was another unexpected cameo. After years of trying to in with all the guys after her sister, she finally gets her groove on.

Part 2: She’s a Rainbow

Not going to lie, I may have teared up a little. Kristen was adorable here, with her different dancing with everyone.

What was your favorite sketch from last night? 

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