Six New Character Posters Revealed For THE DARK KNIGHT RISES

It is so exciting, this whole anticipation, about The Dark Knight Rises. It feels like it’s been forever since we first started to get news, pictures and info about it. (July get here already! Where’s a Flux Capacitor when you need one?)  And even though I loved the two previous Christopher Nolan entries into the franchise, I’m particularly excited about this one since it’s going to portray my favorite character from the entire DC Universe (sorry Batman): Catwoman. I’m so happy for the possibility of  a director actually bringing this character to life in a serious way (the Halle Berry version made me have to go to therapy for at least a week), and these posters look just so fantastic. I love the contrast between the “badass-ness” and the “epic” look they give to each one of them in both versions (I specially enjoyed the one where Catwoman is riding the Batpod. Beautiful and cool at the same time). Until we keep on marking the days in the calendar till July 20, take a look at this pretty cool posters.









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