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Piranha 3DD game is unleashed on Android and iOS

Piranha 3DD takes place two years after the events of Piranha 3D where more prehistoric carnivorous fish have found their way to the Big Wet Water Park, “summer’s best attraction”. If you missed the original you did not miss much apart from copious amounts of blood and partial nudity, and, if can’t tell by the sequel’s euphemistic title, this is not a film for the high brow intelligentsia.

However to satisfy the needs of the more blood lustful, the iOS and Android game of the film has you control  the murderous swarm of Piranhas as they feed on any unsuspecting swimmers. The catch is that you must steer your swarm away from hazards such as poisonous jelly fish, exploding oil drums and much more. Why all these things are in a water park is a question that ought to be answered in another film/game. The game allows two methods of control, either by touch controls or tilt, and other in game features include the ability to increase the size of your swarm as well two different game modes- one where you guide your monstrous school in the Caves tearing your way to a new high score or the Spring Break mode where everything in the lake is on the menu.

The app is available now at $0.99 and the film will be released June 1, 2012.

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