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New THE LAST OF US trailer shows you have more than zombies to contend with

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The Last of US has been a game shrouded in mystery. It wasn’t even known that Naughty Dog (creators of the Uncharted series) were developing it and all we’ve had to go off of is a debut trailer and some screen shots of a newspaper and the environemt. Finally, another cinematic trailer has been released by Sony showing the playable character, Joel, and his unlikely, Ellen-Page-lookalike-and-partner Ellie versus a group of angry men. For those who are unaware what The Last of Us  is Bruce Straley (Game Director) in a recent interview described it as “a game about the human condition. 20 years after a plague has decimated our society, how does man survive? “.He did fail to mention the terrifying fungal zombies you have to fight in order to survive.

However from this recent trailer it would appear it’s not just mutants that are out get you but also your fellow survivors. The trailer shows an “injured” man cry for help  to our heroes but, as Joel rightly guesses, it was just a ploy (perhaps the oldest post-apocalyptic trick in the book). As we saw in the first trailer, guns are available but it is obvious judging by the fact that the ambushers attack with weapons ranging from bricks to planks of wood they are not a commodity. Like all video game news at the moment there will undoubtedly be more information at this year’s E3 so stay tuned for all the updates.

As for what we’ve seen are you looking forward to The Last of Us? Sound off in the comments.

Source: Sony

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