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After the very mixed reviews director Tim Burton received about his film DARK SHADOWS (I personally enjoyed it quite a bit), I have high expectations about him gaining back a general positive consensus around film critics/general audiences with his new stop motion entry for 2012 Frankenweenie
I’m a big fan of the director and can’t wait for this film to be released on October 5th , specially since he’s going back to the stop-motion format he mastered in 1993’s THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS, a film that won many awards and was nominated for  an Academy Award for Best Visual Effects. The film didn’t look/feel like any other stop motion film to the date, and would revolutionize the stop-motion industry forever.
But before  Nightmare, Burton was a kid from Burbank with a fascination for old school horror, Black and White, Vincent Price and  animation. Many people don’t know he worked for Disney in their animation department for quite a while (can you imagine Burton’s somber sense of aesthetics and Disney together?  I Know!), but after moving through departments he finally was given the opportunity to develop two shorts: Vincent and Frankenweenie. 
Vincent was a stop motion short featuring a young kid who dreamed of being Vincent Price, it’s on Black and White and has a very macabre and Gothic look and feel to it. Frankenweenie was also a Black and White short, but filmed in live action, about a kid who looses his dog in an accident and brings it back to life “Frankenstein” style. 
The estudio’s execs didn’t know what to do with the shorts ( nothing screams “Disney” like eccentric Goth  kids and zombie dogs!), so they remained in obscurity for years (You can watch them now as part of the special features on some Nightmare Before Christmas special editions). 
But after years of proving Goth can be widely approved/enjoyed by audiences, the director is taking his highly entertaining short and making it into a feature film, which looks spooky, quirky and adorable at the same time.
Check out the full poster for Frankenweenie, and even if the plot looks a little “uncanny” , wouldn’t you bring back your lost pet if you could? (Except if you are in Stephen King’s novel “Pet Cementary”, but that’s another story!)
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