NEW GIRL Season Finale: Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Woof?

In this episode Nick is movin’ on up, Winston faces his fear (of the dark), Schmidt pulls a White Fang on CeCe and Jess has trouble letting go as we end this first season of New Girl.

It’s here, the finale, I didn’t know how I would feel at this point a few months ago, my relationship with this show as been up and down for sure, but this season definitely ended on an up note.  I can look forward to the second season and can’t wait to write about more about it rather than backing slowly and quietly away from it as I thought would be the case after the first few episodes.  It’s wonderful that the writing came together and that the storyline, as well as the characters gained substance and developed as the season went on.  I’m really going to miss Jess and the fellas over the summer!

 We start the finale of  New Girl, “See Ya” where we left off last week.  Nick is actually leaving to live with Caroline (gak!) and wants to discuss this change with his roommates.  Problem is, they all think he is making a huge mistake and are not willing to listen to much of anything that he has to say.  In fact, Winston and Schmidt start talking about all the things they haven’t been able to do with Nick there that they will partake in when he is gone, albeit sarcastically.  Jess is terribly upset that the two of them aren’t trying harder to convince Nick to say, such is the gap between our two sexes.  Nonetheless there is a lot of venom being directed at Nick and his pitiful, creepy mousetrap.

Scmidt is excited to get the stitches taken out of his broken penis.  Though it really was a great gag and I like that they carried it over to more than one episode, I think it’s enough already and am so ready not to hear anymore about Schmidt’s penis for a while.  I do love any reference to unicorns though so “it’s time to make this horse into a unicorn” made me giggle both times I watched this episode.  New roommate candidate Neil (played by the comedic talent Thomas Lennon) seems to be a carbon copy of Jess when she initially moved in, an emotional wreck who has odd habits, a dated vocabulary and shares too much.  Jess, however is the most adamantly opposed to him moving in, of course because of her affinity for Nick.  Despite her protests and attempts at sabotage, Winston and Schmidt overrule Jess’ objections and allow Neil to move in.

Nick snags a lamp from Winston’s room, to which Winston has a very strong objection.  We find out very quickly that it has little to do with an affinity for the lamp itself, but that Winston needs it as he is afraid of the dark.  I’ll jump to Winston’s defense here and say what I always said to my parents about being afraid of the dark: “It’s not the dark that I’m afraid of, it’s what can happen in the dark.”  That of course changed as I became an adult and “what can happen in the dark” took on a whole new meaning.

The writers still aren’t finished with Schmidt and his penis as he finds himself in a hard cast which keeps him from becoming aroused .  So much for my hopes of being past all of this.  Schimdt joins CeCe on a shoot and watches what goes into her job.  He quickly decides he doesn’t like it.  After seeing CeCe atop a hugely phallic missile with another (quite sexy) man riding behind her while he is at his least virile, Schimdt has second thoughts about what CeCe does for a living.  Hypocrisy abounds in this episode between Jess trying to keep Neil out of the apartment and now Schmidt not liking what CeCe does (though the sole reason Jess is even living with him is because CeCe is a model, see episode one) for a living.

Nick packs the last of his stuff in the moving truck and Jess continues in her attempt to convince him he needs to slow down.  He swears he is certain in his decision though and takes off with Winston and Schmidt in the moving truck.  As he describes the apartment decor, Nick finds himself driving right past the building he is supposed to be moving in to.  It’s not even surprising to Nick himself that he freaks out at the last minute, goodness knows it’s no surprise to us.  What would the show be without the genius that is Jake Johnson playing Nick?

The guys find themselves a couple of hours out of their way and out in the desert.  Nick solidifies his freak-out by blindly tossing his keys out into the desert, stranding himself and his two roommates.  Back at the apartment Jess continues her disdain for Neil, who has a very odd box with holes cut in it that could house just about anything, including a person.  CeCe confides in Jess about Schmidt’s jealousy.  Schmidt calls Jess to come out and rescue the three amigos.  While they wait, Caroline calls and eases Nick’s mind, too late for the guys though.

Winston is in a constant state of panic with the need to get out of the desert before nightfall, telling Jess, “you never wanna lose a race against the night”.  Schmidt and CeCe face off over the earlier incident which abruptly ends with Schmidt calling CeCe a sex worker.  Strike one.  Jess and Nick face off over his rush to get back to Caroline which results in Jess throwing her keys over the same drop-off that Nick did.  Winston’s head is about to explode at the prospect of having to be out in the desert after nightfall.  I think Winston and I would get along great…werewolves still scare me above any and all movie monsters (this stems from a story on an episode of National Enquirer TV that I mistook for the news when I was a kid), and I love that this is one of his main concerns about being stuck in the open in the dark.   Even more hilariously, he is concerned about how appealing a meal he would make with his thick thighs and fat ass.

The gang decides to make the best of their situation and sets up an impromptu camp out/living room behind the truck.  They find a tape that Nick made for a girl when he was fourteen.  Oh those days….I can’t tell you how many mixed tapes I made in the 90’s, particularly around and after break-ups.  Schmidt brings things down a bit when he says how much he will miss everyone hanging out.  It puts Nick off of the whole party and he takes off to look for his keys in the dark.

Jess notices Schmidt is “stress-eating meat” and he confides in her that he just can’t make CeCe happy.  Schimdt decides to “White Fang” her, as in forcing her to run away by making her think he doesn’t care for her, as in the book like is done to the wolf, or as Schmidt says…the woof.  There is no interpretation of this, just an outright exact reenactment of Schmidt yelling at CeCe that he doesn’t like her and she should run away in the wilderness to be with her kind.  Strike Two.  CeCe, of course, recognizes what he’s doing and calls him on it.  When Schmidt tries to explain himself he mentins seeing a text from Gino, the model that CeCe was working with earlier in the day.  CeCe is irate at the lack of trust that reading her texts shows.  Schmidt sadly throws out a self-deprecating slight when he says he can’t trust her because of what her choosing to be with him says about her judgement.  Strike three.

Jess and Nick find themselves alone in the dark as Nick searches for his keys.  Jess begins to open up to him but suddenly a Nick sees a coyote that has snuck up on the two of them.  The friends face the coyote together.  I can’t figure out if Nick is hiding behind Jess or trying to protect her.  Jess hilariously meep, meeps at him under the school of thought that roadrunners can take out coyotes a la Looney Tunes and Wile E. Coyote.  By the same token, Nick insists that this is a bad strategy because the coyote hates the roadrunner and wants to kill him.  They have a moving heart to heart while being held hostage by the coyote.  Another almost kiss moment occurs after Jess chases off the coyote by insanely screeching and howling at it and terrifying Winston in the process.

While Winston distracts everyone with his survival story Jess “finds” the key she never really threw so that everyone can leave.  She finally decides to let Nick go.  The roommates look sad with only three of them on the couch.  Nick quickly realizes picking drapes and paint colors is soul crushing and hightails it back to the apartment with his boombox and awesome mix-tapes, followed by an impromptu, odd, individual dance party.

I don’t think it’s any surprise that Nick is back, where would we be without him?  It was more a question of when he would realize the mistake he was making with Caroline. I was a little surprised they chose to make that such a short-lived storyline and didn’t use this as a cliffhanger, but why drag out the inevitable?  The dynamic of the roommates together is definitely more important than their individual escapades.  We still have to wait to see what the the new season brings for Nick and Jess.  The CeCe and Schmidt chapter is closing as it had to, possibly an opening for an on again-off again relationship to form, but we’ll see what the writers decide to do with it.  I’m so happy that the broken penis storyline ends here.  Winston made no mention of Shelby this episode, we’ll see if they get to be the lucky couple that stays intact.

What do you think of the finale?  What do you want to see in the upcoming season?  Share in the comments!

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