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NEW GIRL: Backslide

In this episode Jess learns the true meaning of backsliding, CeCe and Schimdt admit they are ready for more from one another, Nick and Caroline take things to the next level and Winston tries out a new accessory.

New Girl, “Backslide” starts with Jess lying in bed and Schmidt bringing her tea, taking care of her after break-up with Russell.  He gets defensive when she tells him to go away, “you aren’t the only one hurting…movies are pretty much all sequels now and I have a broken penis”.  It’s true that this movie situation is painful to many.  Jess stays in her room listening to The River non-stop.  When Jess second-guesses herself, CeCe reassures her she made the right choice and forces her to turn off the song and get out of the apartment for a drink.

At the bar with Schmidt, Jess is convinced that she will end up alone and become a creepy old lady flashing people on the subway.  Schmidt explains backsliding to Jess and refuses to let her have her phone to call Russell.  The disdain for Caroline continues throughout the group and is evident when she shows up at the bar and everyone is pretty short with her.  Winston and Schmidt tell Jess about the dvd that Nick made to remind himself why he should never get back together with Caroline after their last break-up.  CeCe shows up dressed “like a women’s studies major” to try and keep Schmidt from getting excited and hurting his still broken penis.  It doesn’t seem to be working.  Jess throws out the word backsliding to Nick, but he is in major denial and says his relationship with Caroline is all about timing.  Nick decides he would rather choose Caroline over the voice in his head that sounds like Tom Waits and tells him he’s a failure.  I wish my inner voice of doubt sounded really cool like Tom Waits.

CeCe has to go visit her “bubbie” in an old folks home.  Schmidt talks about how old people freak him out and CeCe gets the idea to take him with her to finally find a place where Schimdt can’t get turned on.  Jess sneaks phone from Schmidt and calls a mystery man, the assumption would be Russell, but we quickly find out that it’s Paul (Justin Long) who shows up for a one-night stand.

Winston gets drunk with his boss and comes home with a gigantic diamond stud earring that said boss pierced his ear with.  The earring is such that it prompts Schmidt to ask the question, “When is your smooth jazz album coming out?”.  Winston and Schmidt watch Paul and Jess’ super awkward goodbye to one another at the door.  She not only backslid, but slid right past Russell and on to poor Paul.  As she notices Winston’s sattelite of an earring, she asks if it is for Shelby to keep track of him.

CeCe’s bubbie threatens to haunt Schmidt if he hurts CeCe.  Schmidt realizes as he is sitiing at a table with a few elderly folk that they are essentially yogis and can help him figure out how to handle things with CeCe.  When he asks how to hold on to CeCe, her bubbie tells him that he is exactly what CeCe needs.  Schmidt’s distraction from pain is short-lived when CeCe tells him she wants something real with him he starts getting turned on by the thought of emotional intimacy and passes out from his “excitement”.

Nick and Caroline look at apartments for Caroline, but she asks Nick to move in with her.  In the course of this conversation, she casually mentions that she lied about her age and is actually 33 rather than 30.   This moment seems to give Nick a little pause, but it is extremely short-lived.

Jess goes to see Paul about their awkward reunion.  Paul tells her he has a girlfriend and everyone starts freaking out.  Suddenly they are comparing themselves to Bil Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, with Paul telling Jess he’s sorry for making her feel like Monica Lewinsky.  Jess starts yelling at Paul about his ugly crying at which time his girlfriend walks in looking like an Asian version of Jess.

Winston tries a new earring, a hoop for which Schimdt eludes to his gypsydom.   Jess comes home and tell Winston and Schmidt that Paul has a girlfriend and she feels the need to tell his girlfriend what happened.  They both advise against it, Winston elaborates on why she should keep it to herself, to which Jess calls him “black George Michael”.

Nick joins in giving Winston a hard time for his third earring choice; a peacock feather, by referencing Pirates of the Carribean.  Winston suddenly breaks into bird calls, to which Schmidt runs out making similar noises and pulls a DVD off the wall to throw in the DVD player.  It is the DVD Nick made for himself.  Nick tries to escape rather than watching the video, but Winston and Schmidt tackle him and hold him down.  At one point even trying to pull his eyes open circa A Clockwork Orange.  We see a disgusting version of Nick appear on the screen.  He has scruffy long hair and a beard, as well as a jar of tears and a pathetic disposition.  He also has a poem he wrote and gave to Schimdt for safe keeping.  It goes something like this:

“Shall I compare the to a summer’s day?  No, because a summer’s day is not a bitch.”

But does present day Nick listen to past Nick?  Sadly, no.  He does talk back to himself on-screen and determines that he is doing the right thing still, he continues to be blind to the past.  Everyone on the show and most people watching the show are ready for Nick to come to his senses about Caroline, but it’s not going to be that easy!

Jess lets Paul know that he has to tell his girlfriend what happened between the two of them or she will.  Jess’ intention was for him to tell his girlfriend when she wasn’t around, but Paul tells her while Jess is with them in his classroom.  She finds herself feeling sorry for Paul and plays mediator between the two.  We find that both Paul and Jen are ugly criers and probably belong together.  Jess proposes for Paul and Jen accepts.  Jess helps with Pauls happy ever after despite her own disappointment, which speaks to the true nature of this character.  Not that of patsy, but that of righter of wrongs, backer of the underdog.

Jess is excited to share her news about Paul and her role in his engagement with the guys when she gets back to the apartment.  When she asks where Nick is, we know the result of their efforts isn’t good based on the looks between Winston and Schimdt.  Jess makes a very impassioned speech to Nick, that he was wrong about Caroline and that he deserves love.  Jess lets him know he won’t be alone because she will be there and offers to counter the Tom Waits voice in her own pretty damn adorable impersonation of the legend.  Nick then drops the bombshell of the episode, letting her know that he and Caroline are moving in together and that they already signed the lease.  Boo.  We are left with the image of a stricken Jess watching him walk away.

I know this is all leading up to something huge, but I can’t believe that the writers would already be setting us up for Nick and Jess to get together at the end of the season.  It’s death for the show, they have to string us along for a while longer with regard to that storyline.  The teasing is getting more intense though and maybe a little something will happen before we have to wait through the summer to see our new friends again.  Though of course I am rooting for the two of them, I can only hope their fate as a couple won’t come to pass just yet.

Do you want to see Jess and Nick get together?

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