Marvel’s AVENGERS Timeline

The Avengers has been a huge blockbuster success, Hulk smashing the competition (see what I did there?) and making the world fall in love with superheroes, if they weren’t already. Leading up to this film, we have been spoiled with Thor, Two Hulk films, Captain America: The First Avenger, and Ironman 1 and 2, with sequels and Iron Man 3 in the works.


Now, Marvel has released an awesome infographic, click her for a bigger version of the picture, that shows what happens in all six Avenger movies. It is an incredibly fun map to look at and see just what exactly has happened in all the movies, with a bunch of other awesome information, about The Avengers and how it all led up to The Avengers assembling, which happened after Captain America, in this epic blockbuster film.


What do you guys think of the timeline? How many times have you seen The Avengers or any of the other films with The Avengers members? Do you guys think Black Widow and Hawkeye deserve individual films?


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