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Former Infinity Ward Heads Announce Halo ‘Killer’

After being fired from their own company in a bizzare house cleaning attempt by Activision, Vince Zampella and Jason West sued the company and settled out of court to the tune of $400 million. With their troubles behind them the pair have stayed together and have announce their plans for their next project, a Halo ‘killer’. The former Infinity Ward co-heads took the their idea over to EA, under their new company Respawn Entertaiment. Claims found by the Associated Press state:

Activision has sought access to details about Respawn’s work for Electronic Arts on a new game that has not been revealed. Activision claimed the pair had discussed creating a science-fiction shooter intended to challenge the “Halo” franchise, but instead of delivering that game gave it to Redwood City-based Electronic Arts.

While Activision’s claim does carry some weight, any discussion about the game would have taken place before they attempted to wipe out Infinity Ward. Zampella and West taking their ideas to EA is no surprise. As for the game itself, calling any game a ____ killer usually carries a stigma, however in most cases we’ve heard the term WoW-killer attached to doomed MMOs. As far as a company making a shooter specifically aimed to take down another seems like a much more possible claim. However, why aim your new franchise at a fan base as large as Halo’s?

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