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DVD/Blu-Ray Round-up 5/8: THE VOW, CHUCK, UNDERWORLD AWAKENING and more!

It’s that time again: another weekly DVD/Blu-Ray Roundup!  Here are the new releases for the week and my opinion on whether you should Skip It! Rent It! or Buy It!

This weeks biggest releases are The Vow, Underworld Awakening, The Big C and Chuck! The Vow was a big hit when it was in theaters – starring Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams trying to recapture the magic from The Notebook. Underworld Awakening is part of the popular Underworld franchise, so fans of the series will want to pick that up. The shows The Big C and Chuck have huge fanbases, hitting very different demographics.

And as usual please don’t hesitate to share what DVDs and Blu-Rays you’ve bought recently, or plan to buy this week, in the comments.  Let everyone know what you think should be bought or skipped!


Skip It!

  1. Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie, (starring Eric Wareheim, Tim Heidecker, John C. Reily, and Will Ferrell), DVD and Blu-Ray. Check out  our review. 
  2. Playback, (starring Johnny Pacar, Ambyr Childers, Christian Slater, Alessandra Torresani, and Toby Hemingway), DVD and Blu-Ray.
  3. Humans Vs. Zombies, (starring Dora Madison Burge, Melissa Carnell, Frederic Doss, Chip Joslin, Jonah Priour Jesse Ferraro, Rheagan Wallace, and Christine Quinn), DVD, Blu-Ray and DVD & Comic Book Insert.


Rent It!

  1. Mother’s Day, (starring Rebecca De Mornay, Jaimie King, and Patrick John Flueger), DVD and Blu-Ray. Be sure you watch the trailer for the film here. 
  2. The Front Line, (starring Ha-kyun Shin, Soo Go, Seung-su Ryu, Chang-Seok Ko, Je-hoon Lee, Jin-woong Jo, Seung-yong Ryoo, and Ok-bin Kim),  DVD and Blu-Ray.


Buy It!

  1. The Vow, (starring Channing Tatum, Rachel McAdams, Jessica Lange, Sam Neill, Scott Speedman, Lucas Bryant, and Kristina Pesic), DVD and Blu-Ray.
  2. Underworld Awakening, (starring Kate Beckinsale, Stephen Rea, Michael Ealy, Theo James, Indie Eisley, Charles Dance, Kris Holden-Ried, Sandrine Holt, Richard Cetrone, and Sanny Van Heteren), DVD, Blu-Ray, Legacy Collection. Watch the trailer for the film.
  3. Chuck: The Complete Fifth Season, (starring Zachary Levi), DVD and Blu-Ray. Watch this great behind-the-scenes clip from the show, and be sure you listen to The Small Screen Podcast’s #GoodbyeChuck episode.
  4. The Big C: The Complete Second Season, (starring Laura Linney, Oliver Platt, and Gabriel Basso), DVD. 
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