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I had the chance to speak with Chronicle‘s Michael Kelly recently about his work in the successful teens-with-superpowers movie (because it’s not a movie about superheroes) that is out TODAY on Blu-Ray and DVD! The twenty-year Hollywood veteran chatted with me about his work in Chronicle, Generation Kill, Changeling, and  the Zach Snyder remake of Dawn of the Dead. 

Listen to the full interview below:


In our sprawling conversation, Mr. Kelly talks about his work as an unlikeable villain, a character actor, and offers his story on how the past twenty years of Hollywood have helped strengthen him as an actor. For all you budding thespians out there, he also talks about how it’s best to look for projects that you actually want to do in this environment, what he calls “planting seeds.” His daughter also makes a cameo appearance at the 10:20 mark, listen for her!

I quite liked talking with Mr. Kelly, and you could make the case that I’m fawning over him. Our fellow Screen Invaders have already talked about how much we love the movie, and I think that it’s definitely a fantastic film that takes chances that bigger budget films don’t normally try. However, I don’t think it’s too much because character actors like Kelly keep giving us great productions. Also, I tried to get him to spill some information on Snyder’s upcoming Man of Steel, but it was no good. Next time!

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