BIG BANG THEORY: Love Connection

“The Launch Acceleration” shows us that Howard really isn’t looking all that forward to space, what is better left unsaid (especially in bed), and how to gain the affection of the affected.

At the opening to The Big Bang Theory, “The Launch Acceleration”, Howard gets phone call letting him know due to a flaw in equipment design he will not be going in to space after all.  Howard seems disappointed, almost heartbroken even, until he hangs up the phone and does a happy dance.  It turns out he was terrified of the trip and is ecstatic to have it off his plate.  Though when he gets around the other guys, he still plays it off as though he were looking forward to it and not frightened at all.

As the fellas all try on their tuxes, we find Sheldon in long johns, red of course at the fitting for his rented tuxedo.  I am truly surprised that Sheldon conceded to getting a rented tux and didn’t insist on buying one, even with what he considers to be the added protection of the body suit worth of underwear he is has on.  A clue to the added appeal is evident when he fancies himself to look like The Flash about to get married.   Everyone else continues to harp on how dangerous a space trip would have been, while Howard continues to defend how great he thought is was and how brave he was to be willing to do it.

Penny and Leonard play with Sulfur Hexafluoride or SF6 for the nerd sect, or that gas that makes you sound like James Earl Jones…okay that’s still nerd talk, the gas that makes your voice really deep.  It’s kind of creepy but it seems to turn Leonard on a little bit.  It might have worked on Penny too as she decides she is finally ready for them to start sleeping together again.  Her disclaimer about the Cookie Monster tattoo that is new to Leonard since last seeing her naked is chuckle-worthy.  And though I love me some Cookie Monster, I just can’t go for him in tattoo form.

Amy Farrah Fowler decides it’s time for she and Sheldon to move their relationship forward by using her “neurobiological bag of tricks” and conducting an experiment that will speed up Sheldon’s growth of affection for her.  I can’t think of a better way for Shamy to evolve than under this premise.  Sheldon is concerned it may be an LSD experiment to which he responds with a line that would make any mother and/or D.A.R.E. officer proud,”there’s only one mind-expanding drug that this man enjoys…school”.  Amy’s theory is that she can get Sheldon’s emotional attachment to his mother and super heroes to transfer to her.  When I first hear this, I cringe inwardly, expecting to see her dress up as the two loves of Sheldon’s life at once.  Though I’m curious to see what that would look like, I’m terrified of it at the same time.  Amy’s first attempt to turn Sheldon is to use Super Mario Bros. theme song as their romantic dinner music.  She then pulls out the big guns….Strawberry Quick and spaghetti with hot dog cut up in it (very close to my nephew’s favorite food too, by the way…interesting in that we compare him to Sheldon quite often).  Already Sheldon is caught up in the experience and we hear a phrase come from his mouth that he almost never utters…”we should do this more often”, with which realization sets in.

Suddenly we find ourselves in the middle of a disturbing argument between Penny and Leonard over him saying, “will you marry me”, while they are having sex.  No less disturbing than the argument itself is Leonard in Penny’s pink robe.  He claims he has wedding fever.  Penny isn’t taking such a light look at it.

Howard wants to learn the final number from Dirty Dancing for their reception, but reverses it so that he will be lifted in the air rather than Burnadette.  During their foray into planning the big event, Howard gets another phone call from NASA telling him that not only is he back on the mission, but the launch has been moved up.  This causes a problem as they are to get married after the launch date.  Howard, of course is just fine with cancelling his space flight for his wedding, but Burnadette is still convinced it’s his dream and insists that they move the wedding.

Sheldon is disturbed by Amy’s success is manipulating him with his childhood.  They have the rare heart to heart, Sheldon enjoys the idea of the two “belly-aching” about their girlfriends to one another.  Sheldon is disturbed by the lengths Amy is going to.  She managed to get Sheldon on as a junior conductor at Amtrak and is making him have affectionate feelings for her at inappropriate times (in Sheldon’s eyes), like when he is doing calculations.  Sheldon then states one of the most obvious and smartest observations he has ever made.  When realizing that he and Leonard are having a bitch session but no solution is going to be offered to better their situations, he states, ” no wonder the women are winning”.  Genius.

Howard goes to speak with Burnadette’s insanely intimidating father, the ex-police officer.  He hopes against hope that Burnadette’s dad will tell him no way, especially considering the expense and the deposits that have already been paid, really it seems to be a no-brainer as to what will occur.  Howard gets a somewhat anti-pep talk from his future father-in-law, solely related around his opportunity to go in to space.  Howard doesn’t seem to amount to much to Burnadette’s father without the space mission, so he strongly encourages Howard to follow through with it.

Leonard puts the challenge forth to Penny to answer his proposal, to which she says no.  She also assures him that it’s still weird that he proposed, though their relationship remains intact.  Leonard walks in to the apartment to find Sheldon and Amy playing doctor, “Star Trek style”.  The awkwardness of the moment transcends the screen and flows straight into my living room.  What a great, yet odd note to end on.

We’re still ramping up to the big day and all the surprises it will hold for our favorite physicists (and engineer).  I love everything the writers and cast are setting us up for, which way will all these stories go?   What are you looking forward to most about Howard and Burnadette’s wedding?

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