YOUR SISTER’S SISTER Trailer starring Emily Blunt

A new trailer has been released of the new movie called Your Sister’s Sister starring Emily Blunt, Mark Duplass and Rosemarie DeWitt.

The synopsis of the film is:

Mark Duplass stars as Jack, a guy coping with the recent loss of his brother. After making a scene at a memorial party, Jack goes up to his best friend Iris’s ( Emily Blunt) family cabin in Puget Sound. Instead of solitude, he finds Iris’s sister Hannah (Rosemarie DeWitt), who is dealing with a severed relationship of her own. Their two-person drinking party ends up between the sheets, and when Iris arrives the next day, Hannah and Jack must find the best way to deal with the fallout of their drunken encounter — and Iris’s secret feelings for Jack.

Here is the trailer:


The film has been showcased at the Toronto Film Festival and Sundance. It comes out on June 15th. Are you excited about this film? Looks interesting!

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